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Okay, I know there are far more important things going on in the world, but I now feel moved to comment on those truly ridiculous Channel 7 promos.

Now, I actually love Channel 7. Despite its crappy ratings, 7 has bought some of the best US shows of recent years, including Alias, 24, Arrested Development and Scrubs. And in February will be providing us with the two best shows of the new US season, Lost and Desperate Housewives.

But what the hell are they thinking with those ads? First the truly appalling

Seasons Greetings


What the?

What is Rob Gel doing on Channel 7 news?

A man who was the face, voice and gloriously greying mane of Nine is now doing the summer weather gig on Seven.

How does this come to pass?
Are the networks so fickle that they cannot find a dignified role for such a long term performer.

I blame the Government.

Travelling without moving.

I am genuinely surprised at the level of road rage displayed at this time of year. Surprised at how low it seems to be.

Whether milling around trying to find a carpark at Highpoint or Chadstone, or in the constant nose to tail snarl that Collins St becomes (ie. worse than normal) there are a lot of opportunites for angst behind the steering wheel. Maybe the spirit of Christmas balances out the seething rage so that normality is maintained.

I will be heading to Cranbourne on Saturday. I thoroughly expect the Monash Freeway to be a carpark around Heatherton Rd at 10AM on a Saturday. Possibly the same around 5:30. And heaven help those who travel a really long way to fit in all their commitments. I have friends who start in Oakleigh, then to Rosebud and finish the day in Echuca. Why do we do this?

An Open Letter to the Tram Drivers of Melbourne

Dear Tram Drivers,

At this time of giving and sharing I feel it is appropriate to share with you some friendly advice. Constructive criticism, if you will.

Stop riding the bloody brakes!

I really don

The Real Test

Forget Christmas, it

The Incredibles are.

I was fortunate enough to snag some tickets to an advance screening of The Incredibles. I took my soon-to-be 6 year old and 4 year old daughters.

It is, of course, another Pixar triumph and will be a smash hit this summer. My girls emerged from the cinema energised and babbling about their personal highlights. There was much debate in the car on the way home as to who would be which character with Violet their mutual choice. I had no competition for the part of Mr Incredible.

It runs quite long at ~110mins for a movie for the young, but this was the first time my girls had sat still for an entire movie; Such was its’ ability to hold their attention. Only one part had them cowering for my lap, being a very loud fight scene.

For me the highlights were the sound and visuals. Evoking Gerry Anderson and old school Saturday morning cartoons (before they were toy and card game marketing mechanisms), with a healthy dash of James Bond thrown in. There are also CGI animation effects that seem to have been done just so they could show off how to do them. (Look out for hair dryers and books as well as the interaction between water and dirt).

Go see it. You won’t be dissappointed.

Boycott Foie Gras!

The very best foie gras is made by force feeding the geese so that their livers are enlarged and enriched. They use a funnel and stick to shove as much corn into the birds as they can.

Having just spent the last 4 days attending 6 different functions with enormous amounts of food and drink, I think I know how poorly those geese must feel. I’m sure if you were to look at my liver right now it would be engorged and enriched and make a lovely pate.

I think I will spend the next few days living on Berocca, cheese sandwiches and salad.

Oh God, I’m old

Congratulations (or commiserations) to all of those VCE students getting their results today.

That being said, let me show my age.

First: results by SMS? I wouldn

Something is in the air

DO you think there is something in the air? Everyone I met today has been happy and chirpy. The Christmas rush is on and Highpoint Shopping Centre was packed with people. The piped music was audible over the noise of the shoppers. Amidst the choas, people smiled and chatted.

I was sitting in the older of the two food courts in the complex, waiting for my partner to return with our food and a neighbour sitting at the next table started a conversation. I’ve been going there for ages and this is the first time it had happened. Kind of nice.

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