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If you

It’s getting dark

Check out the storms heading our way

ETA: Judging by the forecast and current dark skies, this entry is going to be relevant for several days…

Stop ruining it for everybody!!

Is there a sudden influx of newbie public transport users at this time of year?

Today’s train was fairly full and when trying to get off at Flagstaff there were idiots who remained standing in the doorway leaving a barely one-person gap for others to move past. Then on the escalators there were some gasbagging larger women chatting away standing next to each other. Completely oblivious to those around them and the calls of “stand on the left – walk on the right”. They allowed a couple of people to get through as individuals. Forcing them to squeeze through ad never once moving out of the way.

Is it so hard? Hey Idiots!! Everyone behind you has something to do and somwhere to go. So get out of the friken way!!!


Ride the waves…
Into tomorrow…
Nordic seas…
Toxic sunsets…

: point break :


It’s beautiful…

Quite a storm


My Kingdom for a Taxi

Right, that does it. I

More festive signs

Another great festive sign has arrived.

The small brass sections of the Salvation Army that set up around town. Duos, trios and the odd quartet can be found outside train stations, in the mall, down at the market and other spots around town.

Carry some extra coins for these guys. My favourite buskers of the year.

Opening (and closing) night.

December is not just Christmas season. It also concert season. Not the ones put on by MSO or the State Opera but every dance class, singing teacher and any other group you can think of put on shows in school and church halls around the city (and indeed the nation).

My wife has been sewing non-stop for weeks. With 2 daughters who are involved in their dance class performances as well as a school productions and a kinder concert she has had to make 6 costumes. We know other mums who have had to more than 10.

All for one or two performances. My youngest did her dance class’s single performance last week and the elder does 2 shows starting tonight. We have taken them to dress rehearsals that go far too late and force us to literally drag them out of bed in the mornings ready for school.

And you thought it was hard just getting to all the Christmas functions you had on your list.

Christmas all over the city

In the next two weeks Christmas party season takes over my life, and will send me out traversing the city.

I have functions to attend

Travelling on my stomach

One of the things that comes with the kind of work I do is being forced to work on all sorts of different sites for different periods of time.

Having spent large slabs of time working near Melbourne Central and the Market I know the lunch spots in that quadrant of town really well. When you only have enough time out of the office to grab something and then head back to eat it at your desk you really need to have a plan before you walk out the door. KL Curry – Ronz. Crispy Pork – Rose Garden. Etc.

Southgate is my other main site and so I know how to make the best of that bad situation too. Not bad from a food perspective as there are plenty of great places but eating there every day is not economically sustainable.

But now I am working on Collins St near the Rialto for a bit and I realise I know nothing about the food in this area. It was really frustrating to step outside and have no idea in which direction I needed to head to find food of quality and value. So I copped out and went to the cafe thing in the building and grabbed a pre-made salad roll.

There are clearly expeditions that need to be made.

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