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Crepes …

My idea of a relaxing day out include some sunshine, a cool breeze blowing from the sea, and enjoying some food in good company.

By this, I can safely recommend a drive to Nelson Place in Williamstown. The street is lined with the usual Gelato shops, boutique restaurants and cafes serving Thai, Italian as well as your Aussie dishes. One that stands out is the Breizoz French Creperies.

They serve crepes made out of buckwheat. Both savory as well as sweet. I had tried several including the morrocan chicken as well as the ham and cheese. Try it sometime. Its different from the usual crepes made out of flour. They also serve cider, something I have not dared to try, knowing it will doing crazy things to my system! I enjoy going there because of its location, the food is different and it tastes good. Although I must say, it is a bit expensive for just a slice of crepe. But then, eating out is expensive.

Its also a good place to practice french with the owners. A stroll up the pier completes the day.

Phase Two

My pleasant quiet mid-summer was smashed this morning when I got on the tram to discover school kids.

Being considerably past school age, but without children of my own, I pay only peripheral attention to when school holidays begin and end and was therefore met with a rude shock to discover uniforms and bags crowding out the tram this morning.

On top of the end of the tennis, no public holidays to offer distraction for several weeks, the end of the Big Day Out, the beginning of the new TV season, and the settling in of constantly warm weather, clearly the second phase of summer has begun. The bit where we can no longer pretend like we

Be sensible, dress sensibly

The past few days had been scotchers. With the sun blazing down harshly, I watched the players at the Australian Open getting severely tanned under the sun.

I know it is important to slip, slop and slap. But what happened to dressing sensibly by covering up the arms and legs? The ball-people had their hats and long-sleeve shirts, why not the players?

I am less worried about the fashion. I am happy not seeing skin at the tennis, especially the females. I rather see the players wear something sensible for the weather, and slapping on suntan lotion during the breaks. Why can’t the sports clothing company design clothes suitable for these players under the hot sun, something long sleeves but breathable and comfortable.

Or is that too much to ask?

Women in Uniform.

Others on the staff may be better qualified than I to comment on fashion but I’m not going to let that stop me.

Wandering around the city lately I am dismayed at the uniform dress behaviour of women aged 30 or less. Denim mini-skirt, thongs and some sort of ‘girly’ colored top. Some days it seems like nearly 50% of all girls are wearing this combination. Especially down at Rod Laver Arena.

The uniform behaviour carries over to the court too. There is the Nike uniform, the Adidas uniform and the Fila uniform. If two players are from the same sponsor then they will both turn up wearing the same outfit. When you have 2 Russians you’ve nver heard of wearing the same dress it makes telling them apart very difficult. Especially to this more than casual observer. The men are the same. Are there really only 10 different shirts to choose from for all players in them Men’s draw?

The Ocean of Humanity

Today is market day. At least, it is at the Queen Victoria Market or commonly known as Vic Market. It seems as if everyone is here to shop, to eat and in general just to be there.

I am spoilt for choices when it comes to fruits, vegetables and meat. The most difficult decision I have to make is what to buy and who to buy from. It has become habitual to buy the same food from the same store. I realised that I am consistently buying potatoes from the same stall.

Summertime is also the best season at the Vic. Its warm, sunny and crowded. The diverse variety of fruits entices me to sample frequently and also to buy too much.

The people, in general, are also a great bunch. Its crowded and yet, most people are patient; enough to inch forward slowly along the numerous aisles. I have yet to experience or observe any people-rage, trolley-rage or pram-rage. Everyone seems happy enough with the slow pace. Why that behaviour changes once they are in a vehicle is something beyond me.

So, if you are off for some fresh fruits and vegetables, try the Vic Market!

Another restaurant review.

My brother took me out for lunch today (it being my birthday and all). We had intended to go round the corner to the Waterside for a Parma & Chips but the place was packed. What were we thinking at 1:00PM on a Friday. I mean, really.

So we wandered futher down Flinders St and stumbled on Melbourne’s “#1st Colombian Restaurant”, the El Dorado.

Don’t be fooled if it looks empty. This was good stuff. Colombian cooking is between Spanish and Mexican and I thoroughly enjoyed the Banjas Paisa plate which had some fried pork, chorizo, plantain, rice black beans and some sort of tortilla thing with a fried egg. All for $13.50 and there was more than I could eat. Give it a try. I doubt you will be dissappointed.

Blog to Mag

From a blog about Melbourne to a Magazine about Melbourne

Take the train

Its a hot day today … very hot. So, instead of driving, try taking the train sometime. During off-peak hours, it is not crowded, even if its still summer holidays. I’m sure by not driving, I was saving the environment somewhat by not adding more pollutants into the atmosphere.

A typical train journey consists of getting to the train station, either by catching a lift, bus or actually driving to the station and parking your car there. Buy a ticket and hop onto the next train heading in the general direction of your destination.

Train tickets these days, are getting more expensive. It costs over 8 dollars for a daily ticket for zones 1 and 2. At the moment, it works out cheaper to carpool into the city (for me) via the city link than to catch a train. Unless of course one plans to travel on the public transport a lot for the entire day. Or maybe I am just not good in Maths.

A journey on the train can be enjoyable, although sometimes that depends on the courtesy of fellow passengers. There has been occasion when someone insists on smoking in the carriage when it is clearly signposted that smoking is disallowed. Some speaks really really loud on their mobile phones etc. But on the whole, its a pleasant journey.
Its a nice change to having to concentrate on the road, to be able to sit back and watch the scenery or read a book.

Peak hour train journeys are slightly different. It can be crowded. Its is worse when the company decides to use the non airconditioned carriages … why they do that is beyond me.

The Tennis Carnival is in town

The Carnival is in town! Well, at least the tennis one. The Australian Open, it happens only once a year in the heat of the summer. Visit Melbourne park in the next 2 weeks, enjoy the sun (while it lasts), watch some tennis and watch all the people in all manners of clothings, or not.

I have every intention of visiting Melbourne Park. Not just to watch some tennis, soak in the atmosphere and of course, people watch. In the past, fans have been known to attend the matches in all types of costumes and facepaint. I remembered the Swedes used to dress in orange wigs and orange warpaints …

But seriously, to watch some serious tennis, I much prefer doing that on television. I get the close ups, without paying for the expensive tickets and without the heat, in the comfort of my home.

What is it about Melbourne drivers

What is the hurry?!? Today, I have been cut off several times, seen tailgating on the freeway and suburban streets, and finally, saw three cars zooming through the red stop lights on Victoria street in the city. What is the bloody rush!?!

To all drivers concern, please spare a thought for your average driver, who does not believe in tailgating, because it does not leave much room for emergency braking and it does not get you to your destination that much quicker.

Two, zooming through red stop lights when the green light is set for cars in the other direction is really really asking for an accident to occur. Even if you do not care about killing yourself, think about the other drivers who are just obeying the traffic rules. Other better still, your passenger will most likely die first.

And finally, squeezing into a gap between a parked car and the left side of my vehicle, is not going to get you anywhere because I am not going to let you in because I can’t!

I feel as if the agression level in drivers have increased. I sincerely hope it is the weather that is causing this. Even walking is no longer safe, a heart attack can be induced just by watching all the rage on the roads.

What is wrong with doing the speed limit, and obeying the traffic rules? Is that asking for too much? So to all suicidal drivers, please do all of us a favour, leave the agression and rage out of the car or don’t drive.

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