Take the train

Its a hot day today … very hot. So, instead of driving, try taking the train sometime. During off-peak hours, it is not crowded, even if its still summer holidays. I’m sure by not driving, I was saving the environment somewhat by not adding more pollutants into the atmosphere.

A typical train journey consists of getting to the train station, either by catching a lift, bus or actually driving to the station and parking your car there. Buy a ticket and hop onto the next train heading in the general direction of your destination.

Train tickets these days, are getting more expensive. It costs over 8 dollars for a daily ticket for zones 1 and 2. At the moment, it works out cheaper to carpool into the city (for me) via the city link than to catch a train. Unless of course one plans to travel on the public transport a lot for the entire day. Or maybe I am just not good in Maths.

A journey on the train can be enjoyable, although sometimes that depends on the courtesy of fellow passengers. There has been occasion when someone insists on smoking in the carriage when it is clearly signposted that smoking is disallowed. Some speaks really really loud on their mobile phones etc. But on the whole, its a pleasant journey.
Its a nice change to having to concentrate on the road, to be able to sit back and watch the scenery or read a book.

Peak hour train journeys are slightly different. It can be crowded. Its is worse when the company decides to use the non airconditioned carriages … why they do that is beyond me.

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