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The tennis road show has rolled into Melbourne in the last couple of days, and will continue to build as players get knocked out of the tournament in Sydney during the rest of the week.

Tennis is hardly my favourite sport, but something

Is January a good time to buy a car?

Went to several car dealers today. We thought it might be a good idea to consider purchasing a car after seeing all the advertisements in the papers over the weekend.

We visited the VW and Honda dealers today. Do you know the VW DTI is not available til March, when their shipment comes in? How does anyone wait that long for a new car? Personally I am not that patient. I simply cannot imagine waiting that long to be rip-off on a car. Another thing, why do we have to pay for metallic paint? Do they sell car without the metallic paint? I have yet to see any.

Guess I should visit more dealers.

Cricket to the rescue.

Melbourne is buzzing today. The Tsunami Appeal Match between Asian XI and The Rest of the World XI is a monster sell out. Normally the ‘G takes a bit of selling out for cricket. Even the VB Series final is no guarantee of being filled to capacity but tickets for today’s game have been gone for days. It is the hottest ticket in town and walking around the city this morning there were already kids with cricket bats and flags wandering the streets with their parents.

Personally I am stunned by how quickly this has been organised. Normally an event of this size would take weeks or even months to plan. But, such is the resolve of those involved, everything is fast-tracked to completion, heaven and earth will be moved and nothing will stand in the way of this game.

With full ODI status, this will be no hit and giggle affair like the testimonial matches of the past. Hard cricket, played flat out in front of a big crowd. It doesn’t come any better than this.

(Although I doubt that the “estimated 3 billion people” will really be watching.)

Pizza Hut in the city … what a let down

Last night, I had dinner in Pizza Hut on the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth street. From my student days, I remembered the place as clean, decent with good service. My experience last night was certainly not up to expectations.

First, we had to order at the counter before finding a table. Second, service was a wee bit curt. They had the usual buffet stuff but the meals from the menu were not too obvious. Third, used cutlery were scattered amongst the tables which were not removed nor cleaned throughout the entire duration of our meal. The pizza, was not as good as I remembered it, but that might be just me. For the price we paid, I expected better.

I do not know what kind of clientele they intend to attract but certainly not for families. I think I will stick with La Porchetta next time I feel like a pizza.


I had lunch in the Victoria Market Food Court today. I was waiting patiently for my pork and prawn noodles, at the same time, watching the manoeuvers of both the servers and the patrons.

While I was doing just that, a bloke pointed to the walls plastered with pictures of the food and then pointed to me with a nod of his head, stating that he wants two of those. I mean, do I look like I work there or what?!? I was wearing my thin jumper, pants and boots, and carrying my small backpack. Luckily for him and me, his son pulled him away and directed him to speak to the people standing behind the counters.

Putting cultural differences aside, I wished he had asked first, whether I work there instead of assuming that I do. Given the opportunity to reply, I would have said something like “What? Me speaker no English!” And no, he was not a local.

Aside from that little incident, I enjoyed my meal. You might want to give it a try if and when you are there. The place was packed with people, so it must be good. I plan to try the curry next door next time.

What is it with today’s weather?

Is today’s weather crazy or what?!? I woke up this morning to heavy rain. Went into the city and the sun started shining. It got hot later in the afternoon and now, its dark clouds with great threats of rain coming soon.

I can see the dark clouds rolling and rolling along. One just doesn’t know what to wear and what to take. In today’s case, I brought my raincoat into the western suburb to be confronted with sunny skies. Looked a bit stupid.

The shops must be happy. I can simply assume there are more shoppers on rainy or unpredictable days.

Fire works displays in Melbourne

The mass of people sitting along the banks of the river waiting for the fireworks:


More photos in the extended entry.

Another Melbourne Event

It’s still more than a year until the Commonwealth Games but you can get a preview in Melbourne starting this week with the 2005 Deaflympics.

You may have seen it advertised with theis mascot as the multi-coloured hand. I’ve seen a few tracksuited athletes around town too. So make them all welcome and give them a thumbs up or whatever the AUSLAN is for Good Luck. Having been to a practice session with the Aussie Ten Pin Bowling Team I only know the Auslan for “Gold”.

My brother is part of the workforce for the games and has been working hard to set up for bowling and shooting. (Hence my opportunity to hang out at the bowling). I hope things go well and good luck to all the athletes.

Happy New Year!

Was at the fireworks last night or should I say this morning. Only lasted about 10 minutes. Interesting how they managed to get the fireworks off the top of the Commonwealth building.

As usual, it was spectacular, although it was nothing in comparison to say Sydney. Took us longer to leave the area than to watch it. I’ve decided the best location was to be on the Federation side of the bridge. Must remember that for next year.

The crowds were large, but everyone was in a party mood. Photos to follow later.

Happy New Year to all!

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