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vroom vroom… G’day Grand Prix!

G’day Grand Prix,

Welcome to Melbourne mate, have a beer, take it easy!

What was it? 10 years ago that we first met and fell in love?

I know it has been awhile, but I feel as though we don’t know each other too well.

You spend only a few days, at most, a week here and then you once again jet off and away from my shores.

I want to know, do you really appreciate me?

Do you appreciate all the trouble that I goto to prepare for your grand entrance, and then tidy up behind you upon your departure from my shores.

I appreciate that you bring your millions of dollars each time you drop by. You help bring many to my shores, but I just wish there was a way to get more to stay behind for a longer amount of time after you leave.

I wish they would explore the other areas of my vast shores before they depart after they have enjoyed your company.

Is that really too much to ask?

All of my city cafes, restaurants and other eateries are full and busy, but it is only for awhile, just the little while that you are actually here.

You must understand that each new year that you waltz upon these shores requires more and more work, and it causes temporary disruptions to those whom live and breathe upon my gentle shores.

I hope I am not asking too much. All I want to do is to help those who reside upon my gentle shores.

I hope you understand.

You know I love having you here :)



Uni must have started

University must have started. The crowds of students hanging around both Melbourne Uni as well as RMIT in the city is enough to drive me away to spend the week in the country.

Yesterday, students from Melbourne Uni formed a long human chain and completely stopped traffic at the huge round-about at the top end of Elizabeth street. Luckily I saw them early enough to avoid the roundabout and not get caught. Traffic was at a standstill until they moved off, as in, the entire human chain left the road and area. I hope it only happens once a year and not once per semester!

Dining in Lygon street has also became more crowded with the return of the students staying in Colleges. We saw large groups of students, many with cards hanging around their necks with their names written on it, course they are doing etc. Glad I never had to go through that torture.

Enjoying my coffee in QV, I saw lots of students, with their parents in tow, stocking up on essentials; such as toilet paper, instant noodles, clothes drying stand, bread and biscuits. Do people remember those days? First time living away from home? Learning how to cook, maybe? Gosh, I feel so old!

The Hot Sauce and Fiery Food Festival the weekend past

A great lover of the hot and spicy food, I love them hot! It used to be that chilli is added to cover up the taste, bland or otherwise. But now, it is a challenge to find the hottest challenge I can savour.

So the weekend past, I found myself heading towards Jindivick for the Hot Sauce and Fiery Food Festival. Know where Jindivick is?

Go Melbourne!

Did anyone watch My Restaurant Rules tonight?

They are real chance to win this year I reckon.

I was shocked that the Melbourne couple last year didn’t win it.

Last May, I was actually at a friends’ birthday across the road from the My Restaurant Rules restaurant for Melbourne. It was I think just before the final judgement.

Would have been nice to go in and sample what they had on offered.

Wonder how Melbourne will go this year. Their theme this year is Italian.

For the past couple of weeks, including a week or 2 prior to the show being broadcast on TV each time I drive home, I see the Channel 7 logo, as well as a picture of Dicko on the front of the restaurant.

It’s in quite a nice location, just a short walk from St Kilda beach.

If you’re a Melburnian, and want to help the Melbourne team win, then you should consider applying to be a staff member of the My Restaurant Rules, Melbourne team.

Their address is 9 Fitzroy Street, in St Kilda.

And they will be conducting the interviews of potential staff tommorow at 9am.

It’s perhaps a bit too early to judge, but I think last years’ show was a bit better.

Why we all need the Police …

Some thing strange has been happening to my friend who lives in North Melbourne. It is starting to become a weekly occurence. My friend lives in an apartment complex with its own parking. Unfortunately, the parking is not secure.

Melbourne is the sporting capital of…?

Melbourne is definately the sporting capital of Australia.

This Friday night marks the re-awakening of the beast, known as Footy which engulfs this town and most of its’ inhabitants.

The footy tipping competitions are going to be revving up soon, many signing up at local pubs, at work, and various other locales.

Did anyone know that …

Chinese New Year has just arrived recently, and we are now officially in the year of the Rooster!

I heard there is some sort of Chinese New Year Celebration/bazaar down at the Casino or Southbank, but I have yet to make my way there.

I saw nothing special going on at Chinatown last night, just lots and lots of people. But I think there might be some entertainment this weekend in the city.
I hope they have lion dancing and people in colourful costumes! It will sure brighten the cloudy day!



credit. Geoff Kavanagh

She was gone…

Melbourne Tempest…
Eye of Cyclonic Storm…

So damn eerie…
That howling wind…

And of course…
The Sweet Lullabye Sounds…
Of the trickle…
Of melting glaciers…

The Conclusions of today’s Heineken Classic

Did anyone watch the concluding hour of the Heineken Classic? It was taking so long to complete! First, there were three, Lyle, A’hern and Parry all joint leaders into the last hole. Lyle dropped out, leaving only two.

Nick A’hern and Craig Parry had to play 4 play-off holes, hole 18 twice, followed by 17 and finally 18 again. With each hole taking about 15 to 20 minutes, I was literally glued to the television set! With each play-off, I was thinking, those two don’t really want to beat each other, do they?

Its too bad not every hole played was as exciting as the play-off.

The silver lining of the downpour

Everything has been washed clean with the downpour from yesterday! At least my car had a good wash, so did my bin. It’s also a great opportunity to test out all the waterproofing materials such as umbrellas, raincoats, boots, tents etc.

Today, I had a look at the flag on the huge roundabout at the top of Elizabeth street, near Melbourne Uni and the Hospital. It is looking a bit frail this morning, it must have taken a bit of a bashing during the storm.

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