Melbourne is the sporting capital of…?

Melbourne is definately the sporting capital of Australia.

This Friday night marks the re-awakening of the beast, known as Footy which engulfs this town and most of its’ inhabitants.

The footy tipping competitions are going to be revving up soon, many signing up at local pubs, at work, and various other locales.

We have many sporting events being held in Melbourne each and every year.

The F1 is coming up soon at Albert Park. I hear they are marking the 10th anniversary of the event this year.

I’ve got a cousin who comes down to Melbourne from Sydney once a year, just to catch the Grand Prix.

Always orders his tickets early, and then books plane tickets over.

Last year he couldn’t get a cheap flight back up to Sydney, so he decided to take the plane there, and then catch a train back up to Sydney and back to work the next day. (F1 fanatic? Of course).

Although the F1 is an internationally large event, it is definately not the sport that evokes as much emotion from the Melbourne crowds.

Footy ignites the passion of the fans. Footy is just so much, a part of Melbourne life.

Friday night, the first preseason match kicks off, with two bottom 8 sides, Collingwood and Richmond.

Although the two sides finished low, supporters of both sides are being excited about the prospects of the season proper.

For Collingwood fans, they’ll be putting to rest the horror injury run that ran through many of their top players last year. Going from successive premiership losses, to the Brisbane Lions and then last year finishing as low as they did.

For the Richmond fans, they too will be hoping for a better run of it. They have a new coach, a few new faces at the club. And the supporters are also hoping for a better run of it this year.

So what other sports do we have coming up?

Well, there’s perhaps too many other ones to actually mention for now.

But over the summer we’ve just had the Australian Tennis Open. Australian Golf Open. Huntingdale PGA Masters.

At this stage though, i’m not prepared to throw my hat in the ring and declare Melbourne is the sporting capital of the world debate.

I love to follow many different sports. Cricket’s always nice, Footy is great. (Don’t know many who live in Melbourne and don’t have an interest in Footy.) I also really enjoy the tennis, the F1 is not badm the motorcycles aren’t bad either. Oh, Rally Cars are good too!

On the buses and trains, I used to see people reading the newspaper. One of the first sections people would turn to would be the sports section. To read up on all of sports happenings from around the world.

Actually, most Australians love their sport, there is no doubt about that. So it isn’t just a Victorian thing.

You know, there are so many “feel good” type stories involving sportsmen/sportswomen.

I mean, we love the stories where it is revealed later that a player played through injury, or something else like that.

There was plenty talked about a golfer Jarrod Lyle.

At 17 years of age, Jarrod beat leukemia. Now 23, is playing at the very top level of golf.

Now there are always these types of stories of sport players who have these amazing stories of what they went through to get to where they are. And they are played, and at times overplayed in the media (radio/tv/print).

The political capital of Australia, may well be Canberra, but in my mind, Melbourne is definately the sporting capital of Australia.

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