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Not so Scary

If the Comedy Festival and the football aren

Filming in and around Port Melbourne

Over the past few months i’ve seen many film crew doing filming along Beach Street in Port Melbourne, all the way along Beaconsfield Parade over to near Fitzroy Street St Kilda.

Often wondered what they were up to. Sometimes I see the Channel 10 news crew at the Port Melbourne Pier about to film the evening weather report. (This is about 5:30pm, on my way home from work).

There always seems to be plenty of life along Beach Street/Beaconsfield Parade. From those doing some kite surfing, to boating, or just generally just lazying around the shores, and of course, the simple pleasures of jogging along the beautiful shores.

Rolling in the Aisles

Don’t forget the Melbourne International Comedy Festival – on now until 17 April.

Give some money

Today is the Good Friday appeal for the Royal Children’s Hospital. Channel 7 is sponsoring the telecast of it today, and its been going on for several hours now.

So, if you have some change or extra cash, please please donate. Check them out at their website. This is definitely for a very good cause. The money goes towards work done at the hospital, in the form of research, equipment and medication.
This year’s target is about 10 million dollars. And they are still a long way away.

If you are somewhere in the city, you might want to make your way to Telstra Dome and the Habour Esplanade. There are events there all day!

Not happy with Channel Ten

I have just found out that Channel Ten is not going to telecast the Formula 1 Grand Prix live. Not even the qualifiers nor practice sessions. They are going to show the finals on Sunday night, hours after the finals are over.

Well, I guess I’m not going to watch all that commercials sponsoring the F1 this year. Anyone know of any online sites that does live telecast of the F1 on the internet?

Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006

Being the sporting capital, it seems we’ve got some pretty big sporting events coming soon.

One of the big ones coming next year will be the Commonwealth Games.

Should be pretty big. I mean, what other sporting event could cause a Formula 1 Grand Prix to switch its’ dates so they don’t clash?

The AFL will also be affected with games to be moved away from the MCG throughout the duration of the Commonwealth Games.

And being a technology lover, as I am, I like it how they’ve got a GPS tracker on the baton.

As well as 2 mini cameras attached onto it. (Please note the video may cause a dizzying effect to the viewer).

I found the above links while surfing the Gizmodo blog.

Oh, and the online ticket ballot for the Commonwealth Games opens online this Sunday. So for anyone who is interested in going, have a look at the Melbourne 2006 website.

The Melbourne Motor Show, It better be a Big one!

I have finally made my way to the Melbourne motor show today. For an adult price of $16.50, I plan to stay as long as I can and linger around the cars which I know, most, I will not be able to afford.

The one good thing, I thought, about visiting a motor show, was to be able to sit in a car, any car, and feel the texture of the seats, play with all the knobs in the car, and just plain pretend that one can afford to own such a car.

Formula 1 Grand Prix

I am home watching the formula 1 Grand Prix from the comfort of my sofa, away from the noise, the atmosphere, the flys, the mosquitoes, the heat and the cold. Why am I doing that?

Well, the main reason is really I’ve got myself a cold, a stupid cold that descended on me from nowhere. Second, the tickets to the grand prix is soooo expensive. I can’t imagine how people can afford those grandstand tickets, the cheapest being $369 on the Piquet Grandstand. Although the ground pass on Friday is at a reasonable price of $55, is really only suited for petrolheads, not for one who just wants to see the F1 cars. At least, on TV, I’ll get to see all the actions, wherever it may be on the track, with the time and speed shown on the monitor.

For those interested, tomorrow’s telecast will be on channel 10 starting at 9 am!

Tonight on the West Gate Bridge

I was coming home late tonight, trying to beat the heat and catch the cool change, by driving home via the West Gate Bridge. Suddenly, traffic slowed drastically and we were climbing the bridge at 60 km per hour.

From a distant, I saw a lot of flashing lights, presuming from a traffic police vehicle. As I near the scene, we were reduced from 4 lanes down to 2. I saw several police vehicles, separating the traffic from a white ute. As I pass, I saw a guy standing on the outerside of the fence, having a smoke.

I guess he wanted to enjoy the view, enjoy the cool breeze from the bridge! I hope it was resolved without anyone getting hurt. I didn’t stay long enough to see the conclusion (couldn’t drive that slow!).

Filming in town.

Wandering around at lunchtime I note that there is some filming going on the city. They have constructed some sets in Lt Lonsdale between Queen and Elizabeth and have reserved big chunks of Queen outside the old Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry office. I think this is now some Law school campus. The set had a TV store next to a music store. The equipment for sale looked sourced from the 80’s as they looked to have VCRs for sale as well.

There was also a caterer serving in Elizabeth near the Block Arcade. Too far away to be the same set, but could be the same production.

Any ideas as to what it might be? Does that timeline match GhostRider? Will I see Nick Cage?

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