Filming in and around Port Melbourne

Over the past few months i’ve seen many film crew doing filming along Beach Street in Port Melbourne, all the way along Beaconsfield Parade over to near Fitzroy Street St Kilda.

Often wondered what they were up to. Sometimes I see the Channel 10 news crew at the Port Melbourne Pier about to film the evening weather report. (This is about 5:30pm, on my way home from work).

There always seems to be plenty of life along Beach Street/Beaconsfield Parade. From those doing some kite surfing, to boating, or just generally just lazying around the shores, and of course, the simple pleasures of jogging along the beautiful shores.

It is just so tempting to just stop the car, and take a relaxing walk along the beach before heading home sometimes. Especially during the warmer days. Ah, and now, after daylight savings has ended, the time has been adjusted, nightfall comes much earlier.

Sunlight turns into moonlight.

Bright blue skies darken, and then the weather adjusts itself.

But as we all know, you can never predict Melbournes’ weather. It can switch quickly from cold, to hot, brightness to darkness. No matter what season it is. Hey, at least it doesn’t snow here!

Current weather forecast for Friday and Saturday say the max will be 30 degrees, yet it’ll be windy.

If it’s sunny Saturday after lunch, i’ll try to make the most of it and say goodbye to the beach and summer for another year…

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