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The Girl’s Day Out!

I visited my first ever Girl’s day out today. It was advertised as a place to find out about the best of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and benefit. So, I went, out of curiosity, and I thought, it will provide lots of information about all the above.

Boy, was I disappointed. Nothing much on fashion, none of the major fashion houses were there. I found nothing that will improve my lifestyle. Nothing to help me learn to balance work and family, nor my chequebook.

Beauty consists mainly of Clinique, which had a long queue of people. Olay was doing facial analysis on the computer, and I didn’t fancy my face, magnified in full display to all the people around me. Johnson and Johnson was there, but I was missing other brands such as Elizabeth Arden, Dove, perfume brands, body shops etc. What happened to inner beauty?

Health was really about fernwood, netball and maybe golf. What happened, to detox? How about healthy eating, with none of those diet stuff?

If it wasn’t for the 2 for 1 coupon I found in the Herald Sun just before I bought the ticket, I would have felt really really ripped-off.

Sample-wise, I had cups of Ocean sprays, Berri juices, a free coffee for the Pantene corner, Johnson and Johnson products, Clinique samples and that’s about it.

I hope, if they intend to have this next year, it will be bigger with a larger participation from more companies.

Total Fire Ban!?!?

Have I been having some elongated dream or something for the last 2 months. Is it not really the end of April? How can it possibly be a Total Fire Ban on the 28th of April?

Weather is such a Melbourne thing to talk about.

Electronic Voting in Victoria?

This is interesting news to me, it seems like we could be getting electronic voting in Victoria in time for the next state election.

This will be the first one being used in an Australian state. (I seem to recall it being done in the ACT, but they are a Territory, and not a state!)

Note though that the article says may become.

And this introduction as it states in the article, will only be introduced at 6 voting “super centres” which would be providing polling facilities for the disabled and non-English speaking members of the public. This will be introduced in 2006 for the state election.

Of course, there are those “issues” that always seem to come up (you know the ones, how can we trust a computer system? how do we know it hasn’t been rigged, and so on…).

My view is that this could be interesting. It does provide a new mechanism for those who do have some difficulties with English as well as for the disabled.

But then, there is absolutely nothing to stop this from being widely deployed at a later date.

Right now the voting system is all paper based. On the election day, people roll up at polling centres and fill in the numbers in the right boxes based on their preferences. Generally, voting day is quite an orderly event, handouts are handed out by the various political parties (though, I generally don’t accept any).

After voting, it’s back out, and continue on with the rest of the day. (I usually vote in the early morning to avoid the crowds.)

See Melbourne Live!

Was doing a bit of early morning web browsing when I came across a link to some live web cams of Melbourne at

So, why not head over and watch Melbourne on the live web cam.

The beauty of these types of web cams is that it gives you a brief look at life in Melbourne for those not in Melbourne.

In one of the shots you can see Federation Square, the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) and a few other locations. And you can get a look at cars go by (and boats too!).

Or even one of the nearby beaches (That’s St Kilda Beach).

And of course, for those interested, there’s also links to web cams from a few of the other Australian states.

School holidays are over

But the ticket inspectors are still out there. This morning, they were at Melbourne Central, a whole group of them, catching people at the gates.

You lose some, and then you find some

If you are in the city sometime before the 24th April, you might want to drop into the City Gallery located in the Melbourne Town Hall.

At the moment, the Lost & Found exhibition is being held there. I saw the exhibition featured on television sometime ago, but only decided to drop in while on my way to lunch. It was well worth a drop.

The curators had put together an exhibit of things left behind in the Melbourne Town hall, by previous employees as well as by visitors. Some of the interesting items left in the lost & found department were being shown. And behind some of the exhibits were interesting stories.

When I said things, I meant it quite loosely. There were the usual culprits such as handkerchiefs, spectacles, lots of knitting needles, and hats. And then there are the more exotic lost items such as a dog, as well as a bird, dentures, costumes and luggages. Having been in the town hall for so long, some of these items are antiques, and I’m glad to see them put together, and not left in a room somewhere forgotten.

So, do go and have a look before they closes. You might find something you have lost!

The “joys” of school holidays

Ah, school holidays in Melbourne:

– twice as likely to get a seat on the tram

– five times as likely to encounter a ticket inspector

The Melbourne Comedy gala

I was watching this on television last night. I enjoyed most of the acts except for that one comedian with the cardboard box. Do you remember that one?

A short synopsis: Comedian arrived on the stage with a box. He started cursing and pretended that he was in a hurry and therefore required a volunteer. Pulled this poor fellow onto the stage, and attempted to stuff him into the box, in the process, hit him on the head with the microphone.

I don’t think I would have enjoyed being dragged, pulled and hit in the head. If I had been the girlfriend, I think I would have been tempted to hit the comedian in the groin … I didn’t think he was funny at all. I guess the audience were too polite to jeer and I hope it was all staged!

The Aussie Pie Stop

Has anyone tried the pies from this place? I found the pie stop in the basement of Melbourne Central, in the food court next to the exits of the train station on the Swanston street side.

The pie stop boasts about 30 different types of pies. Gourmet ones include kangaroo, crocodile, venison, emu and camel. I have yet to build up the courage to try these. If anyone out there has tried these, let me know what they taste like.

Competition is stiff in this food court. But I think the pie stop has found its niche market as well as a very good deal. Their super saver meal consists of a regular pie plus chips and a can of drink for $4.95. Now, I reckon that should be sufficient for an average fellow. I’ve tried it, savouring the chicken, mushroom and camembert pie. It was piping hot, crusty and delicious, but I could have been hungry. The sauce was not too watery and I could see and taste the chicken. The chips were a bit overdone, but what more should I expect for a meal less than a fiver?

I plan to try every pie on the menu. Its going to take some time. In the mean time, check them out at the Aussie Pie Stop.

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