Iron Chef

I was watching Iron Chef the other night, the challenger being a top chef from China having a cook-out with the Japanese cuisine Iron Chef. Of all possible ingredients there are in the world, the choice this time was eggs. Of all food, its eggs.

That must have been the most difficult ingredient to cook with. Well, especially for me, I detest eggs. I mean, what can you cook with eggs? Surprisingly, both chefs created several dishes, including desserts.

If I am ever asked to decide an ingredient, I am going to say soya sauce.

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  1. William (unregistered) on June 21st, 2005 @ 2:16 pm

    Oh, I saw this episode.

    Well, there’s a lot you can do with eggs. You can make egg omelletes, egg noodles, and i’m sure there’s other things too. Maybe doing a quick web search on certain ingredients might help with ideas.

    On Iron Chef, i’d doubt they would have a theme ingredient of soy sauce. They would perhaps have one of the ingredients as Soy Bean. So with the bean, comes the sauce.

    I guess though, with most asian cousines you can have soy sauce with almost any of them :P (well, close to all of them anyway. not appropriate for all).

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