Is Victoria still the “Garden State”?

It’s definately getting colder now, I can feel it (the winter chill) on my hands later at night. Guess we should all start wearing warmer clothing. It’s definately not going to get any warmer for several months now. It’ll get cooler. There’s a bit of rain out there now, which is good, but what’s perhaps not that good is that it’s still not raining substantially at the water catchment areas. Which is where we ideally want it to be.

Melbourne has quite tasty water :)

Not to knock the water of anywhere else, but I remember when I had a bottle of water with me on my trip to Sydney a few years ago. I had just finished my waterbottle but still felt a bit thirsty, so got a bit of chilled (at room temperature) boiled water. My mind was whirling, the taste of the water was quite different. It wasn’t just me. There had to be something different with the water. My tastebuds weren’t going crazy on me, right?

Anyway, I guess nobody really starts to appreciate what they have in front of them until it’s yanked out of their reach, even if it is temporary. Let’s not let our water disappear for good before we do anything about it. I know a lot of people are trying their darndest to save water. And I know some people who do sometimes, and sometimes forget.

I’m sure many Melbournians will remember our previous number plates prior to Jeff Kennett’s introduction of the “Victoria – On The Move” number plates, which was the green coloured, “Victoria – Garden State”.

I’m not quite sure as to why we are the Garden State, but my guess would be because traditionally we had been a state with much fields of green grass, flowers and so on (things that would make up a garden). You only have to go as far as some of the Parks and Gardens in Melbourne and you’ll see it. The Botanical Gardens are just splendid. But, they do need water. Which is a precious resource right now.

Venturing just over an hour out of the heart of Melbourne during the Queen’s Birthday long weekend I could see quite evidently what would be one thing that inspired the “Garden State” monicker for Victoria. What I saw the further out of the city I went was these quite tall trees, some of which were gum trees as well as a few others which names I’ve now forgotten.

It was quite a sight really, these strong trees soaring into the sky (well, they seemed that way from my vantage point in my car seat).

My friends and I took on one of the shorter walking tracks to De la Rue lookout which looked quite nice.

Here’s one of the pictures I took from De la Rue lookout.


You can see mountaintop after mountaintop full of lush greenery.

No wonder we were called the Garden State :)

I reckon we still are very much the Garden State mate! Though, the lack of rainwater and drought we’ve been having has most definately put a dint into that.

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