More water for Melbourne

During my drive home, aside from observing the night sky, I heard on the radio that the State Government plans to reconnect an old dam which was previously disconnected from the main water supply due to poor water quality.

The news report said that the government plans to spend money to reconnect the old dam and to improve the water quality.

Just found a news article on this on the website.

It’s good news, but still, as I’ve said previously, we still need to look after one of our most valuable natural resources.

This global weather change has been bad worldwide. There’s been flooding due to excess rain, there’s been droughts because of not enough rain. I think there must be a way to change what we’re doing to our dear planet Earth. It needs to be revitalised. Our worldwide natural resources are not unlimited. It will all end someday.

We’re probably using more and more of these natural resources these days than those who lived a hundred years ago did.

As they say, everything starts at home. So even if some governments refuse to sign to the Kyoto protocol on global warming, we as individuals of nations can make changes and adjustments for the greater good of our planet, this is part of one single step of something bigger. Global climate change affects every single one of us on this planet. (This is not having a dig at our governments, but rather, saying there needs to be a change in attitude by all in regards to this.)

We may not notice the full effects of the global climate change, but our descendants will.

We have the technology now in many instances to start thinking of ways to curbing the amount of pollution being created. It’s just a matter of getting everything together.

Although i’m not one of those environmental activists, but this is an issue for everyone to consider around the world.

I remember a few days ago there was a news item about protests about the setting up of wind farms in Melbourne near the Brisbane Ranges (Brisbane ranges is not too far from Geelong).

I think wind farms are a good idea, but without knowing fully the reasons behind the protests, I won’t comment too much on it. I recall seeing a windfarm on my way to the Grampians national park in 2004. It certainly does help in a small way to reducing green house emissions, but it probably won’t be able to produce the amount of power that our existing power plants produce. Which of course, powers all of our modern day devices.

The more technically advanced our world becomes, the more reliant we are on electrical power.

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  1. Winza (unregistered) on June 25th, 2005 @ 1:02 pm


    As a water-poor country that’s susceptible to climate extremes in terms of droughts and floods, we need do more to protect our natural resources. It is not just water that we need to protect because everything’s connected – land clearing for example would have adverse impacts on water quality.

    And even though we have the technology to mitigate pollution and climate change, we still need to be cautious about what we’re about to do or what we’re about to buy because the more we consume, the larger our ecological footprint and the bigger the impact on the environment.

    But at least the State government recognises that there is a major problem and that we need to act. Reconnecting the dam may not be feasible, but eventually, things will work out.

    Not many people right now are considering about the future of our planet and we can’t really do anything but to spread the word and to think before we act.

  2. William (unregistered) on June 26th, 2005 @ 1:07 pm

    Winza, most definately. But I don’t think it’s just something that should concern us in Australia. It’s something as a global community, each and every country worldwide should do their bit to help reduce our impact on the environment.

    One of the problems is how do yo get the world to notice something before it’s too late? And all efforts from there onwards is nothing but too little too late.

    It’s an easier effort to preserve than it is to fix up a problem. There just needs to be an increased awareness of it.

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