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Douglas Wood has been rescued?!?

Did I hear correctly? I was browsing the news and heard on the tele that Douglas Wood had been rescued in a military operation.

If its true, that is really really good news …Check out the latest information from the age.

Happy Birthday Madam!

Its the Queen’s Birthday loonnnggg weekend, and how did I spend my time? Cleaning, cooking and gardening, or I should say, weeding.

What I really really wanted to do today, is to have a slice of that birthday cake from the Queen, thank her for the lonnnggg weekend, and hibernate for the rest of winter!

Instead, I stayed awake this morning to catch the broadcast of Formula 1 on channel Ten (it was at the ungodly hour of 2.30 am), followed by golf in the US, watching either Allenby or Appleby(don’t remember which one now) lose it to Sergio Garcia and now I am wondering what had happened to my long weekend? It had flew by me without my realisation.

I can do with another one, long weekend I mean.

Hey sister!

Did you know that Melbourne has sister city relationships with 6 other cities?

I heard about the one we have with Tianjin (which is in China), but hadn’t realised some of the others.

Here’s the full list:

Osaka (Japan) Since 1978
Tianjin (China) Since 1980
Thessaloniki (Greece) Since 1984
Boston (USA) Since 1985
St Petersburg (Russia) Since 1989
Milan (Italy) Since 2004

And of the above, Boston is another Metroblog city! Cool :)

G’day Boston!

Feeling the chill

It may well be the start of winter, but with the warm weather it doesn’t feel like it.

The chilly mornings, the later sunrise, the early sunsets do make it feel like winter.

The weather is nutty. And we still need more rain.

Come on rain, where are you? We need you :)

The farmers need you!

Mamma Mia!

The Mamma Mia musical is still in town although I believe it will close soon sometime this week.

Although I am not a big fan of Abba, I decided to attend the musical to see what it is about. This was my first ever musical.

I must say, there was a lot of audience participation, compared to say a ballet or a classical concert. It was funny and I did recognise some of the songs. I love some of the costume changes, especially towards the end.

It was a most enjoyable induction to musicals.

First day of Winter!

First day of winter, and nothing to show for it. I reckon the past Autumn must have been the dryest and this winter will be dryer too.

The only silver lining … stocktake sales! Plenty of those in the city, what with Myer’s and JB Hi Fi having sales and all the boutiques are doing the same …plenty of bargains!

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