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The Games

Yesterday, we got a leaflet in the mail about the road events of next year’s Commonwealth Games. I’m not sure if those were distributed everywhere in Melbourne or only in the areas that will be affected by said events.

There will be five road events in all (triathlon, the race walks, two cycling events and the marathon), and the purpose of the leaflet is to warn people who live near the locations of the events that their lives will be disturbed in those days. Car traffic will be blocked, of course, but even pedestrians will be affected, as you can’t very well simply cross a street where a marathon is happening, can you?

Also, as those are some of the few free events in the games, very large crowds are expected (and a fair amount of noise). The only event coming close to my place is the marathon, which will go past about a block away from me (early on a Sunday morning), but I’m not really that worried about the disruption it will cause. It’s a one time event, it’s a big party and it will be great to watch.

To be honest, I’m more worried about the disruption coming from all the construction work in preparation for the games. Such as the tram track replacement on Bourke St. this weekend (starting at 10pm tomorrow). We got a letter about that, too, and we live several blocks away from there; I just hope we won’t be able to hear the noise all night long!

Google’s Earth

If your not aware about Google Earth (based on Keyhole), it is a program (for PC only) which allows you to get a satelite view of the world. Suprisingly Australia, including Melbourne has images. In theory it is just a big mosiac of the world. Your all wondering what on Earth this has to do with Melbourne? Well when I was pondering around the world I tried to find my house, found my old house, old old house, my work, uncles house, old school and practeclly everything I wanted to except MY house. Now the reason for this is becuase theres a big blot of pixalated photos for all the south-eastern and outer eastern suburbs! My house is 20m litterely from the clear photos, it just in the pixalated photos :( But Google have really done a good job with these, I hope they can take some more photos of Melbourne

then they came for me..

the case of jean charles de menezes, the brazilian electrician murdered by police on a london train, demonstrates that having the wrong coloured skin and being in the wrong part of town can have fatal consequences. unfortunately, melbourne is not immune from such totalitarian excesses.

australian politicians and the media are baying for the blood of brunswick cleric sheikh mohammed omran because he is daring to publicly question the official version of events. no-one has accused him of a crime against anyone, but john howard is calling his opinion “apalling” from london, and backbenchers are wanting his citizenship revoked.

this is not the only case. a university student who graduated from the honours program in terrorism studies at monash uni last year was recently interviewed by the federal police on the basis of the books he had bought, all of which were on the recommended reading list for the course. the reason he was singled out of the 40 or so students taking the course? he’s a muslim and his name is abraham.

so now we are to be alert and alarmed not only about suspicious criminal activity, but also about people saying or reading the wrong things. am i the only one reminded of the words of Posted in News | Comments Off on then they came for me..

It’s raining. Or is it?

A few days ago I thought to myself, as I stepped out into the cold, grey morning, ‘lucky I’m wearing three layers!’ which was sure to keep me warm through this incredibly cold day. As I plugged my white headphones securely into my ears I looked towards the city and noticed a few sunny patches were hitting the Rialto and the yet-to-be-completed Eureka tower, but I still knew it was going to be a normal cold day.

By the time I got to school it was a completely different climate to what it was when I left home, rather than grey clouds there was a bright ceiling of blue, and absolutely no hint of the clouds that once floated there. As I walked home from the tram stop I was sweating in my three-layer clothing scheme, so as annoying as temperamental the weather is, there’s part of me that loves it. It adds a weird sense of excitement…

The hidden entrance

In which way is the QV Safeway like Diagon Alley? (you have to forgive me here, I have just finished reading “the book”)

It’s almost impossible to get in unless someone shows you how.

I’m serious. The first time I was there, it actually took me a while to find the entrance. Now I go there every week; very frequently I see people outside looking confused and, as often as not, getting in through the checkout lanes. Last week someone actually asked me how to get in as I was leaving with my groceries (“can I ask you a stupid question?”, she said… not stupid at all, it turns out).

Honestly, it would be a good idea for Safeway to put up signs pointing at the entrance of the store. Has anyone had the same experience there? (or somewhere else)



there i was relaxing and enjoying my sunday afternoon
when i was vaguely disturbed
and had my curiousity aroused
by the faint strains of a brass band
floating across the neighbourhood

dutiful blogger that i am
i went out to investigate
camera in hand
(entirely for your sake i assure you)

and was surprised
even despite the beautiful randomness
that brunswick seems to generate
to find a religious procession in my street

Mmm. Chocolate

Caught up with some friends I haven’t seen for many months and had dinner on Friday night.

I must remember that there are now two Shark Fin Inns on Little Bourke Street (I was waiting for them at the wrong one).

There wasn’t too much that was too interesting though, just the usual catch up. But what was really interesting though, was our next venue for drinks.

Normally we end up at one of the Cafes over at one of the many located on Lygon Street, but this time we decided to stay in the CBD. First off we decided to check out a cafe by the name of Max Brenner. The sign on their little shop read “Max Brenner Chocolate Bar“.

First stop was Max Brenner at QV, which was packed, we could only find a table for 2. We had a group of 9. So off we went, walking to Melbourne Central and found the other Max Brenner Chocolate Bar.

What does one expect when hearing the two words “Chocolate Bar”? My first reaction was “Chocolate Beer? Chocolate Wine? What’s this Chocolate Bar thing about?”.

Ended up being just another cafe. Except for one thing, rather than Coffee, they use Chocolate. And everybody loves chocolate right? (ok, they do have coffee, but it’s chocolate and coffee together.)

The drinks are nice, but very sweet, can’t say anything about the rest of their menu though because that’s all I had.

If you’re in Melbourne, it’s worth checking out.

Oh, and the other thing was the mugs that our drinks were served in. It’s round shaped, with no handles, and then it’s got a bit of a “beak”. You can see the picture of the cup on their site. I found it a bit odd at first. I kept trying to grab the side of it where one normally expects a cup handle.

free vodka!?!


ashtek is a local artist best known for recharging old fire extinguishers with paint
and letting loose waterfalls of colour on otherwise derilect city walls
(including one that covered the water-wall feature at the old city square
until the council packed it up in bubble wrap and lost it in a warehouse)

i went to the opening of ashtek’s latest exhibition on thursday night
where not only were they providing nice beer for free
but even flavoured vodkas
i was well impressed

Target Toy Sale

Did anyone manage to visit Target yesterday? I had a hour free yesterday, around lunch time and I thought I’ll drop by Target to take a look at their toy sale. Unfortunately, I think almost everyone else who works in the city had the same idea.

There was barely standing room in the toy department. All I could see were people in suits. To prove thir organizational skills, most had the target catalogue in their hands, with circles around the toys they intended to buy. I wonder, is this Christmas shopping, toys for the kids or for themselves?

batmania and the moon

my house.jpg

random factoid:
(though i only have it on hearsay)
i believe that at one point in time
either melbourne actually was called
or at least it was suggested that it should be called

internerds have been gawking for some months now
at the newish google maps

there are some highlights and curiosities
that are worth checking out

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