I’ve noticed lately that it seems like you can see the top of the unfinished Eureka Tower from anywhere around the CBD and inner suburbs. Eureka Tower is, of course, that very tall building under construction (but already being occupied) in the Southbank.

Now, I saw an ad that claims that this is the world’s tallest residential building. Well, I remember Donald Trump, earlier this year, introducing his “Trump World Tower” in the TV show “The Apprentice” as being the tallest, so I set out to do some research.

Trump World Tower is truly a very tall building, at 262 meters (with 72 floors). A website claims that, as of late 2003, the title goes to the even taller 21st Century Tower, in Dubai, at 269 meters, so it would seem that Mr. Trump needs to read the news more closely.

However, the 88 floors of the Eureka Tower go up to 300 meters, which seems to make it the tallest by far. I found news about plans to build a 365-meter residential tower somewhere in Florida, but it’s still far from certain that it will even be built. And there is apparently a building named Q1 in the Gold Coast that will, when completed (in mid-2006, supposedly), rise to 322.5 meters.

In the mean time, it would seem that we have, indeed, the world’s tallest residential building right here in Melbourne. It’s too bad that the apartments there are so expensive…

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  1. Piers (unregistered) on July 8th, 2005 @ 7:40 am

    I went on a tour of the building in February as part of the EcoEDGE conference, we went up to the 51st floor. On the balconies of the apartments, you can actually lean out and look directly down the side of the building. It was scarily high at that point, I was getting quite dizzy just peeking over the edge. And it goes up (or will go up, when it’s finished) another 37 floors. Mind-boggling. As you say, pity the apartments are so expensive. Pity also, the apartments are pretty ugly inside. They’re not hideous, but they look like hotel rooms, very average design. It seems the builders are banking on the novelty that it’s the tallest residential building in the world, rather than investing in better design.

    You can see a couple of photos I took from the tower at:

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