The Games

Yesterday, we got a leaflet in the mail about the road events of next year’s Commonwealth Games. I’m not sure if those were distributed everywhere in Melbourne or only in the areas that will be affected by said events.

There will be five road events in all (triathlon, the race walks, two cycling events and the marathon), and the purpose of the leaflet is to warn people who live near the locations of the events that their lives will be disturbed in those days. Car traffic will be blocked, of course, but even pedestrians will be affected, as you can’t very well simply cross a street where a marathon is happening, can you?

Also, as those are some of the few free events in the games, very large crowds are expected (and a fair amount of noise). The only event coming close to my place is the marathon, which will go past about a block away from me (early on a Sunday morning), but I’m not really that worried about the disruption it will cause. It’s a one time event, it’s a big party and it will be great to watch.

To be honest, I’m more worried about the disruption coming from all the construction work in preparation for the games. Such as the tram track replacement on Bourke St. this weekend (starting at 10pm tomorrow). We got a letter about that, too, and we live several blocks away from there; I just hope we won’t be able to hear the noise all night long!

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