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un-australian and proud

fed up with the political state of things?

well so are eleven of melbourne’s edgiest artists
and they’re letting you know it
at the third exhibition at the new artist-run space, trocadero

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Happy Birthday Melbourne :)

Woke up early this morning (6am) to hear the wind outside my bedroom windows still as strong as the previous night.

Had the radio alarm clock on alerting me to the fact that it was time to get dressed and out of bed and get ready to goto work.

I peeked outside one of my bedroom windows and noticed there was some morning drizzle to go with the wind.

Ah, looks like another Melbourne morning with typical Melbourne weather (except for the strong winds).

Anyway, earlier today I was doing my daily browse of the local news websites of our two major print media the Herald Sun and The Age and saw this interesting article at The Age.

I think everyone in Melbourne has their very own unique view of Melbourne, and that to them defines what Melbourne is. What is so great about Melbourne to me?

The diversity of people here. The places that you can go which are just a car ride away when you’re bored or looking to get inspired. If you felt like going somewhere jam packed with other people enjoying Melbourne in their own way, or go find somewhere nice and quiet so you can be by yourself and your thoughts there’s somewhere for you as well.

We also have that interstate rivalry with the city just north of the border. Sydney. Ah yes, the friendly rivalry that exists when a Melbourne sporting team plays a Sydney one. We just had the recent Melbourne vs Sydney soccer match over the weekend and by all accounts it was a great match indeed. Much to look forward to with the Melbourne Victory!

Ah well, no footy for me. Perhaps just a casual glance at the scores once in awhile. But I guess that’s just how it is when the team you follow didn’t do too well this season.

Invariably all teams go through these ups and downs and supporters follow the season closely, teams are under a constant microscope from the fans each and every round for the duration of the season.

I’m hopefull that the last two years have just been a stroke of badluck and things start looking much brighter in the years ahead.

AFL football is very much a part of our daily lives for almost all residents of Melbourne.

On that note, i’ll stop now with two, two word quotes.

“Go Pies!”

“GO Melbourne!”


I went through the Melbourne Central station early this morning; not because of the train station itself, but to get to Coles. As I walked by the Elizabeth St. entrance on my way in, I noticed a group of people standing by the walls looking intently towards the passengers exiting the turnstiles. How odd, I thought. Maybe a group of tourists waiting for someone who was delayed?

Later, on my way out, the mistery was revealed when I saw one of the “tourists” approach a passenger, display an until then hidden badge and ask to see her ticket.

So, plain-clothes ticket inspectors. Clever. Usually they have three or four uniformed inspectors checking random people leaving the station, and those were there as well; the non-uniformed inspectors formed a second layer around those and, I guess, checked people who looked relieved to have passed the first inspectors without being approached.

However, I have to say that they were nothing if not conspicuous. I’m talking about ten, maybe fifteen inspectors forming a loosely defined circle around the turnstiles. You can’t help but see them, at least when you’re coming into the station.

And isn’t fifteen inspectors overkill, even at peak hours? I’d love to see a report on how many fare evaders they catch on any given day, and what effect they have on evasion in general. (and how exactly do you evade fares at Melbourne Central? you have to use your ticket to leave, and I guess anyone jumping the gates would be fairly visible)

A breeze of strength

Wow, the wind has been mighty strong today.

The wind slamming many an office door shut louder than the door opener intended.

One could almost feel that if the wind had shut the door any harder we could have ended up with broken glass all over many an offices’ carpet.

But that certainly wasn’t the case today. True the winds may have been strong, but not strong enough to rattle the glass panes.

At my workplace over in Port Melbourne, not too far away from the docks the wind was quite fierce blowing the trees this way and that way. You could hear the trees scratching the glass windows that. It’s a sound that can easily drive a tingle down the spine like someone running their nail down a dusty blackboard.

It was reported on the news that we had winds going up to 100km/h, which is nowhere near the realms of what those over in New Orleans would be experiencing. Hope all those residing in New Orleans are well, and that everybody is out of harms’ way, away from possible injuries.

A Guessing Game of Sorts

I was looking at other metblogs today, and was taken by an idea I have decided to steal from those across at the Boston Metblog.

The general idea is that we will post a photo from somewhere around Melbourne, and the comments serve as a forum for people to guess where the photo was taken. Extra points can go for any history googled, or even the exact Melways reference!

We’ll start with an easy one! I’m sure everyone who lives in Melbourne has this this at least once! Now comment away…

Sunny but windy

Last week I’m pretty sure we all experienced the “same old” Melbourne weather; overcast, incredibly cold, and the odd downfall of rain. But recently, and by recently I mean Saturday, Sunday and today, we’ve had incredibly clear bright blue skies with the warm sun beating down on us. Absolutely glorious!

Except for one thing; with the sunniness comes incredibly strong winds. Seriously, I could barely stand still today what with the wind pushing me around the place. Not to mention blowing up the occasional empty chip packet, and embarrassingly for some girls their skirts.

So today was a bad day for a new hairstyle, unless you wanted that messy wind-blown look.

as tired and emotional happy as bob hawke on derby day

pictures of jovial revellers
from the spring racing carnival 2004







Football, of the roundball variety

Traditionally, Melbourne only knows one type of football.

You can walk down the street, any random street, across Melbourne and talk football and everyone will know what you mean. (AFL)

The roundball variety of football has always been called soccer here, and rugby is known as rugby.

But enter the new revamped round ball variety of “football”. The A-league competition.

Gone are our two Melbourne based soccer teams (Melbourne Knights and South Melbourne), and replaced with just the single side (Melbourne Victory).

The name “Victory” is catchy, and keeps reminding me of that “Victory Curtains and Blinds” commercial each and every time I hear the name mentioned.

I’m sure you all know how that “catchy” tune goes. If not, here’s a brief of it from memory…

Victory, Victory,
Curtains and Blinds,
13 13 99

Maybe this is advertising in full effect. At least you can say the people who made the commercial really got people a way to remember their product through a catchy tune.

Anyway, back to this round ball code that we’re now all supposed to be calling football.

I hope it does play a part in our already crowded sporting landscape here in Melbourne.

As it’ll be played around about the time when fans of AFL clubs who are not in finals contention are trying to find something else to do, it’s perfect timing.

I honestly believe that if soccer (sorry, calling it football just doesn’t sound right for me) doesn’t take off this time around, then it’ll probably never get off the ground over here in Australia.

Call it whatever you like, but let’s hope this grows and blossoms.

The Melbourne Victory website is:

I heard some of the game this morning replayed on the radio this morning.

One thing i’m disappointed with though is that none of the free to air networks are broadcasting the games. Ah well, all the more reason to attend the games! For those still interested though, SEN are broadcasting the games live on radio.

I’ve had a brief look at the membership prices and they seem quite reasonable.

Adult prices are $160, concession $98, students $75, Junior under 12 get free entry.

But keep in mind that the $160 is for 10 home games. The first of which will be this weekend. (This is in the membership brochure)

Melbourne Day

This upcoming Tuesday , August 30th, 2005 is known as Melbourne Day.

Melbourne Day, 2005 commerates 170 years since the founding of our wonderful city, Melbourne.

August 30th, 1835 marked the arrival of the first European settlers to Melbourne.

There are several different events to be held in the city of Melbourne on this upcoming Tuesday, 30th of August.

Click here for more details about the day.

There is a list of facts about Melbourne day listed on this page.

The weather forecast doesn’t sound all too promising though. It’s currently listed as 13 to 18 degrees celcius with rain developing. So we could get some sun, and then rain developing later in the day.

I love Melbourne, and can’t think of anywhere else better to live right now. (I reckon the water here tastes better than in Sydney! And I spend at least a few weeks in Sydney every year for the past 8 or more years.)

Our states’ floram emblem

Received my drivers’ license renewal and noticed that they showed our floram emblem for the state of Victoria.

I didn’t realise what it was until now.

It’s called the Common Heath or Epacris impressa.

I’m surprised we don’t have more than one floral emblem given that we are afterall, the garden state :)

I’m sure those that decided upon which flower to have as our floral emblem had quite a tough job on deciding which flower of the many flowers, native to our state of Victoria.

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