Familiar faces

Since I am one of the blessed souls who manage to work and live in the same general neighbourhood, I am able to walk to work everyday (which is not always so good due to our unpredictable short-term weather).

But the interesting thing about this is that, even going through the CBD and walking past literally hundreds of people, it’s very common for me to see familiar faces in the crowd, usually among people walking the other way. Not people I know, mind you; simply people who walk by me almost every day.

For example, last year I used to see, almost every morning, a girl who looked a little like Miranda from “Sex in the City”; she was always dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, regardless of the temperature, and walked fast. After last December she disappeared and I never saw her again.

Lately, I see a woman riding a back on the footpath, somewhat slowly, almost daily; also, another woman who looks like a flight attendant (I don’t know why, I just see her and think “fligh attendant”, even though she very probably isn’t one); and a guy who seems to be always carring a cup from Hudson’s Coffee.

I wonder who will be the next familiar faces in my morning walk…

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