Football, of the roundball variety

Traditionally, Melbourne only knows one type of football.

You can walk down the street, any random street, across Melbourne and talk football and everyone will know what you mean. (AFL)

The roundball variety of football has always been called soccer here, and rugby is known as rugby.

But enter the new revamped round ball variety of “football”. The A-league competition.

Gone are our two Melbourne based soccer teams (Melbourne Knights and South Melbourne), and replaced with just the single side (Melbourne Victory).

The name “Victory” is catchy, and keeps reminding me of that “Victory Curtains and Blinds” commercial each and every time I hear the name mentioned.

I’m sure you all know how that “catchy” tune goes. If not, here’s a brief of it from memory…

Victory, Victory,
Curtains and Blinds,
13 13 99

Maybe this is advertising in full effect. At least you can say the people who made the commercial really got people a way to remember their product through a catchy tune.

Anyway, back to this round ball code that we’re now all supposed to be calling football.

I hope it does play a part in our already crowded sporting landscape here in Melbourne.

As it’ll be played around about the time when fans of AFL clubs who are not in finals contention are trying to find something else to do, it’s perfect timing.

I honestly believe that if soccer (sorry, calling it football just doesn’t sound right for me) doesn’t take off this time around, then it’ll probably never get off the ground over here in Australia.

Call it whatever you like, but let’s hope this grows and blossoms.

The Melbourne Victory website is:

I heard some of the game this morning replayed on the radio this morning.

One thing i’m disappointed with though is that none of the free to air networks are broadcasting the games. Ah well, all the more reason to attend the games! For those still interested though, SEN are broadcasting the games live on radio.

I’ve had a brief look at the membership prices and they seem quite reasonable.

Adult prices are $160, concession $98, students $75, Junior under 12 get free entry.

But keep in mind that the $160 is for 10 home games. The first of which will be this weekend. (This is in the membership brochure)

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