Happy Birthday Melbourne :)

Woke up early this morning (6am) to hear the wind outside my bedroom windows still as strong as the previous night.

Had the radio alarm clock on alerting me to the fact that it was time to get dressed and out of bed and get ready to goto work.

I peeked outside one of my bedroom windows and noticed there was some morning drizzle to go with the wind.

Ah, looks like another Melbourne morning with typical Melbourne weather (except for the strong winds).

Anyway, earlier today I was doing my daily browse of the local news websites of our two major print media the Herald Sun and The Age and saw this interesting article at The Age.

I think everyone in Melbourne has their very own unique view of Melbourne, and that to them defines what Melbourne is. What is so great about Melbourne to me?

The diversity of people here. The places that you can go which are just a car ride away when you’re bored or looking to get inspired. If you felt like going somewhere jam packed with other people enjoying Melbourne in their own way, or go find somewhere nice and quiet so you can be by yourself and your thoughts there’s somewhere for you as well.

We also have that interstate rivalry with the city just north of the border. Sydney. Ah yes, the friendly rivalry that exists when a Melbourne sporting team plays a Sydney one. We just had the recent Melbourne vs Sydney soccer match over the weekend and by all accounts it was a great match indeed. Much to look forward to with the Melbourne Victory!

Ah well, no footy for me. Perhaps just a casual glance at the scores once in awhile. But I guess that’s just how it is when the team you follow didn’t do too well this season.

Invariably all teams go through these ups and downs and supporters follow the season closely, teams are under a constant microscope from the fans each and every round for the duration of the season.

I’m hopefull that the last two years have just been a stroke of badluck and things start looking much brighter in the years ahead.

AFL football is very much a part of our daily lives for almost all residents of Melbourne.

On that note, i’ll stop now with two, two word quotes.

“Go Pies!”

“GO Melbourne!”

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