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I went to a Fantomas gig and all I got was this lousy tinnitus….

Well not entirely true, I had a blinding time on the 13th watching Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo et. al. ripping the place apart at the Palace, St. Kilda with their noisy antics. Having seen then once before on their inaugural tour, it was great to see a crowd that was enthusiastic as I was, as opposed to old Faith No More fans being confused and petulant. Next up, Diamanda Galas is playing the Hamer Hall as part of the Melbourne Arts Festival and is thoroughly recommended. She has two different performances on the 7th and the 10th of October, and unfortunately I won’t be able to catch the latter, or the much later Phillip Glass concert. Damn…

Did anyone go to the Royal Melbourne Show?

I missed going to the Royal Melbourne Show this year. Did anyone go this year? If so, please please submit some photos and details.

I wished I went, eventhough the tickets were expensive, at $20 per adult. I like to know if its worth spending $20 per person to visit it, maybe next year.

Footy finals

The finals are finally over! All the promotion and loud cheering friends will come to a rest and Melbourne will once again return to a normal.

I was in St Kilda with two younger cousins taking them around the relatively empty Luna Park when we stopped and went to a cafe for food. We walked into a bakery cafe with relatively few patrons and in the corner was the inevitable television with Channel 10 on.

Footy finals

The guy on the right was the chef, most people were going for the Swans as they were once South Melbourne, but it was a nail biting game ending with a mark by the Swans.

SYDNEY 3.0 6.3 6.5 8.10 (58) defeated WEST COAST 2.4 2.7 5.9 7.12 (54)

the house of application

as you may know, the fringe festival officially kicks off tonight.

among the mind-bogglingly numerous exhibitions and performances is an interesting theatrical production called the house of application.

the group staging the show, adult youth of today, have had critics describe previous performances as “experimental work that takes risks, blurs boundaries… innovative, challenging, confronting’’and saying “forget anything you’ve ever believed theatre to be… 5 stars”.

this time around their innovative use of sound, video, sets, costume and dramatic performance promises to “express and relieve the social tensions caused by the continuing cultural imperialism from our founding victorian society” and create “a living phantasmagoria, a world where fantasy and reality collide”.

A bad month in footy

It hasn’t been a good month for the local teams, in any type of footy. We’re heading into another AFL Grand Final without a local team; Melbourne Storm lost the NRL semi-final; and Melbourne Victory is the only team in the A-League with no wins in the season so far.

I must admit that I don’t follow any of these sports too closely, though. I don’t even have a preferred AFL team, but I was hoping St. Kilda would go to the final, so that we would at least have a local team to barrack for. As for NRL, I mostly ignore it, as (it seems) most other Melburnians do. And soccer, well, it’s too new and isn’t on free-to-air TV, so that limits my chances of watching it. It’s my favourite, though, and I hope that the league will work and that Melbourne will get better.

But, it’s Grand Final week, and I’m told I have to pick a side. So… go Eagles!


I found out that Safeway is already selling Christmas ornaments. Ok, it’s true, we don’t have Thanksgiving or Halloween to keep the stores busy until December, but doens’t anyone think that mid-September might be a tad too early to set up your Christmas tree?

reactionary melbourne

there’s nothing that placates angry extremists quite like dropping cluster-bombs on their children. but if invading iraq doesn’t stop terrorists setting off bombs in melbourne or sydney, then the powers that be have other tricks up their sleeves. this week has seen the expulsion of a us peace activist and the censorship of a controversial art exhibition.

dangerous artist azlan mclennan has had the plug pulled on his latest show at platform by the melbourne city council, so we can rest assured that now no terrorists will be encouraged or inspired by the work which examines the status of 18 islamic groups banned by the federal government.

and the us activist scott parkin has had it made crystal clear that australia does not welcome his ghandi-inspired brand of non-violent anti-war demonstration. an asio briefing convinced both the government and opposition that his presence was a threat to national security, and that his detention and expulsion at his own expense under recent terror laws is in the best interests of the australian populace.

what the diggers fought and died for is being stolen from us by our own trembling bureaucrats. our freedom will not fall to the bombs that will explode in melbourne or sydney, it is dying the death of a thousand paper cuts before our very eyes.

Don’t panic…

I caught wind of this news item late last night, my girlfriend mentioned that it was on the radio yesterday morning, but a cursory check of most other media outlets, and there doesn’t seem to be be much around it outside of Australia, barring a mention on CNN. It’s a bit concerning especially with Howard’s hard approach to surveillance and “homeland security’, that it may be used as an excuse to ramp up such policies with impunity, especially with the Commonwealth Games looming on the horizon.

Did something happen in the western suburb this evening?

I was visiting a friend in the Hillside area this evening. The Melton Highway had heavy traffic and it seems like all vehicles were diverted from the Calder and Melton Highway junction. Did not hear anything on the radio. Saw a police helicopter in the air, and police cordoned off the entire junction. Had to make a huge detour.

Does anyone out there know what happened?

The price of petrol …

has sky-rocketed. I have been checking the prices on a regular basis on the RACV website. The price is not going to drop anytime soon and I’ve been thinking of ways to lower fuel consumption in general and in my home budget.

First, I can suggest car-pooling. I’ve seen this work in the United States, where people living and working in the same vicinity share a vehicle to and from work. My friend in California does that. Not only does it reduce her expenses for petrol (especially when everyone in the carpool chips in to pay for it), but if you think about it, the vehicle is still going from A to B regardless of how many it is carrying.

Second, take the train, tram or bus and leave the car at home. Obvious.

Third, home heating. I know this is not directly related to high fuel costs, but a barrel of crude oil has many uses, and a couple of them are gas heating and generating electricity.

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