In the elevator

One of the problems of living in a building is that you rarely get to meet your neighbours. When you do, it’s usually because one of them is making too much noise and you have to ask them to stop.

So when this morning, while waiting for the elevators, I saw two girls that I had never seen before lining up besides me, I wasn’t surprised at all. I’m pretty sure I don’t know all of the people who live in my floor, even though I’ve been there for over one year already.

The elevator comes, we walk in, one of them pushes the button marked “G”, the doors close… and you can hear the deafening silence of an elevator not moving.

Hmm, this might make an interesting story, I think. Three strangers, coming from three different countries (which is par for the course in Melbourne) share their life stories while locked in a stuck elevator at 8.30 am in a Tuesday morning.

Alas, no. After a few seconds I pushed the button that opens the doors, and they opened. We called the other elevator, it came, we arrived safely at the ground floor and went our separate ways. We’ll come back to the same floor at the end of the day, but who knows when we’ll meet again?

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