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Metlink Advertising

For months now we’ve been seeing advertisments from Metlink. Adds that to some degree have got a little out of control. Lately there’s been a little backlash, with some people hitting back at the Sarcastic remarks of Metlink. This is one example (Image taken from here)

One has to to laugh.

New DFO store in Essendon is opening … Tomorrow!

I was driving home from the city tonight and saw along the Tullarmarine that DFO in Essendon is opening tomorrow.
I’ve always wanted a DFO on this side of the city.

DFO, stands for Direct Factory Outlets. Its supposed to consist of the warehouse outlet of various fashion houses and the stuff they sell are heavily discounted. The goods are supposedly fashion trends of times past but as far as I’m concerned, its still usable and wearable.

I’ve never been inside a DFO, and am looking forward to spending more time there. Truly, its only for the exercise of walking round the complex and practising self-constrain on not exercising my credit card!

Maybe they will open 24 hours for Christmas shopping?


opera busking in flinder’s lane
haha said it was puccini
but i wonder if he’d know

an upside down statue

City Library book sale

It has come to my attention that many people who live or work around the CBD don’t know that we have a public library available. It’s on Flinders Lane, and it opened in May 2004. It has a very decent collection of books (fiction and non-fiction), magazines, CDs and DVDs, plus several computers for Internet access.

Well, if you are one of these people, tomorrow is a good day to get to know your local library. The City Library is promoting a book sale: all items are $1, plus free coffee and tea (and if you buy 10 books, you get a library bag for free). It’s tomorrow (12 October) from 10 am until 2 pm.

The City Library is at 253 Flinders Lane, right in the heart of the CBD.

Victory Victory

For those following Melbourne’s soccer (sorry, Football) side, Melbourne Victory it’s been a great last couple of weeks with 3 wins in a row.

It’s disappointing though, as Wilson posted last month, that there isn’t any free to air (FTA) coverage of the games. Would’ve been good to watch. But then, that’s extra incentive for fans to turn up to watch the matches, is it not?

Despite the lack of free to air TV coverage, I’ve enjoyed listening to the live coverage of all of the Melbourne Victory matches on SEN the local sports radio station (1116). Unsure, but they might also be streaming the matches online.

One thing though, I still haven’t quite figured out Melbourne Victory’s theme song. All I remember was the radio interview with Ernie Merrick and he said something about it being based on “> the brave”. (I still keep thinking about the “Victory, Victory curtains and blinds…” jingle)

Alright, and here are tonight’s results from the game. Melbourne defeated NZ Knights 3-0. Which means Melbourne’s now third on the ladder at the end of round 7.

Of all the players for the Victory, i’d like to see Steve Pantelidis do well and possibly get a callup for the national team someday. Actually, there’s a lot of young players for Melbourne who could go on to big things.

Will be good to follow the team, and perhaps go watch a game or two sometime in the future.

Port Melbourne

I spent some time in Port Melbourne today, had lunch at the fish and chips place called Rex Hunt’s D’Lish Fish. I can assume, from the namesake, that Rex Hunt had something to do with the shop, but I do not supposed he caught all the fish they sell?

It was warm but windy. Rather a bit chilly, sitting outside to eat. Price-wise, it is comparable to all other shops selling the same fare. Have anyone tried the other eateries in the same location? I was curious about the Campari restaurant. Wasn’t he a sportsperson some time ago?

British Art and red shoes

NGV InternationalOn Saturday I was walking around the city partly to take some photos but mainly to get some food and go shopping. I somehow managed to end up outside the NGV International, which for some reason I always go to if I

A visit to Mornington

I have recently returned from a short visit to the Mornington Peninsula. For those of us living on the eastern side of the city, it is a really really short drive of at most an hour, depending on traffic conditions. We drove down the Monash Freeway, joined the South Gippsland highway and was in the region before we knew it.

One of the more famous attraction is Arthur’s Seat. I usually give that a miss and go all the way to Portsea, Sorrento and Rye. I much prefer the beaches here, compared to those closer to the city. The water is clear enough to see through to the sand up to half a metre, and there is always lots and lots of seashells to pick.

My latest discovery is the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs. It had only been opened for a couple of months and I found this place to be soothing and peaceful. I never thought I will get into the trend of soaking in a mineral hot spring and least of all, enjoy a massage. But this is the case here.

Their public pool area consists of several pools of varying temperature, the hottest of which is around 50 degrees celcius. They encouraged their visitors to dip into each pool from the hottest to the coldest, to so-call improve blood circulation. Personally, I dipped myself in the hottest and the next hot one, the coldest being too cold for me.

The massage was another matter. I never knew what total relaxation meant until after the massage. It was worth trying.

So, if you are ever in that area, with a couple of hours to spare, give the Peninsula hot spring a visit. Entry to the public pool is around $18.50 per adult for the whole day.

Spring planting

I really should start writing about events before they happen. Well, better late than never…

Last weekend I took part on the Spring Planting Day, at Manninghan Reserve in Royal Park. This annual event congregates volunteers who plant trees and smaller plants (provided by the organisation) around the park, in pre-selected areas. The organisation also provides tools, gloves and water (for the plants, not for you), and a barbecue follows the event.

This year there were some 60 or 70 people there, including several children (and quite a few dogs); it was a beautiful day, sunny and warm without being unconfortably hot. Liberal application of sunscreen was necessary, of course. Apart from the flies and other annoying insects, it was a very nice experience, and I will certainly return next year. Note to self: remember to bring drinking water next year.

I also plan on writing here about the event next year in time for people to join…

Where there’s smoke….

I’m popping out of Australia for a couple of weeks, which means unfortunately I will be missing the Guinness Book of Records attempt on my own doorstep (what a shame…!). Over a thousand guitarists will be playing Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” at the same time at the Royal Exhibition Building on the morning of 29th October. You have been warned…

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