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Yeah! Yah! Australia is off to the World Cup!

We’ve done it!!!!!

We won, based on penalty shoot out! OMG! Its crazy in Federation Square!

Head out to Federation Square

Assuming you are still somewhere around the city, head down to Federation Square to join the crowds already gathered there.

Many of us are watching the world cup qualifier between Australia and Uraquay.

Check out the LiveCam at

>h4ck3r [repost]


daniel mounsey’s performance “hacker” incarnates the central philosophical issues of the [post][post] modern age.

identity, free will, control.

an accomplished theatrical and butoh performer, daniel has appropriated one of stelarc’s devices which will assume control of part of his body by means of electrical stimulation. remote puppeteering if you will.

in appropriating and remixing stelarc’s technology, daniel is the hacker. but in surrendering control of his body to the sometime painful preprogrammed stimulation, he is being hacked. just who is hacking who here?

this is a special performance for one night only, on thursday november 24, at dancehouse, 150 princes street north carlton. call 9347 2860.

Protests in Melbourne

My personal experience of today’s protests in Melbourne was limited to walking through the AMWU crowd on Elizabeth Street around 9am, which increased my “commute” time by almost 50%, and later seeing the police helicopter circling above Carlton Gardens. I can guarantee that those driving had a much worse experience, at least judging by the pictures in The Age.

Did anyone go to the rally? Any experiences to be shared?

all you can eat

convinced by a significant amount of alcohol
and a friend with dubious standards
i last night had the misfortune and displeasure
of dining at the melbourne bar & bistro smorgasboard

i was led down two flights of stairs that lead off the bourke street mall
into an underground room that seems remarkably like a less classy pokies venue
(mostly because it is)

the ambience and decor were as refined as the clientele
which included a toothless old prostitute with crossed-out tattoos
and various other characters who seemed a short step away from homelessness

$7.95 buys you a plate and all you can eat from their smorgasboard
the highlights of which seemed to be
a variety of deep fried and battered meat products
which if they were anything like the fish
probably consisted primarily of potato

the deep fried eggplant was passable
everything else was really not

i gather from my cramping stomach, disturbed sleep and even more disturbed dreams
that most of it was flavorized with liberal helpings of MSG

unless you’re both a glutton for punishment
and a regular common or garden variety glutton
with $8 burning a hole in your pocket
and a hankering for the seediest culinary experience in town
i strongly recommend you dine elsewhere

Breaking news … that A380 airbus I mentioned earlier

I went …the viewing area of the airport was packed with onlookers. Many had very mean looking cameras with telephoto lens.

I saw a couple of television crew, channel 9 did an interview with a Dad with his son. I did take a picture of the channel seven cameraman!:)

Oh, the plane … Yes it flew overhead. It was large, very large and extremely quiet. Compared to the other planes that arrived, it was as quiet as … a bird, a real bird.

Forgive me for the bad photography, I was juggling two cameras!

A side view of the brand new A380 airbus landing.


The arrival of the largest plane in Melbourne today

The A380 airbus is arriving today at the Melbourne airport around lunch time. If you are free today, or need a break during lunch hour, go on down to the airport to await the arrival of the airbus.

It is supposed to be the largest commercial plane and around seven storey tall.

Its …

45 days to Christmas! The shops are decking themselves out in holiday colours … all the glittery stuff are out on the store front.
Me, I plan to wait til after the silly season before I start the ‘real’ shopping!

Metroblogging Reader Survey

Hey all, just a bit of administrative stuff.

It would really help if readers of the Melbourne Metroblog took the time out to fill out the reader survey.

Link to Metroblogging Reader Survey

Thanks :)

This morning’s terror raids

I never thought I will live the day to see Australia conducts terror raids. Its not something I have imagined. Australia seems so far away … terror raids sound like something expected in places such as New York, London, Paris and Berlin.

I hope they got it right this time. Imagine being rudely awaken in the morning by swot teams just because they gotten the wrong address (After they have smashed through all your windows and doors)!

I wonder, will the government pay for all the damages they created if they have made a mistake?

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