knocking shop to knocking a shop….

Heading towards the Melbourne Museum today I went past a building that had bothered me for ages; I wasn’t entirely sure if it was a restaurant or what exactly. It looks quite well-to-do, and has a sign outside for “C***’s of Rathdowne”, (name omitted to protect the innocent…or in case I am wrong…) and outside it today was a scantily clad girl bouncing up and down beckoning someone to come in. This lead me to conclude that it was indeed a house of ill-repute/brothel/whatever which was a bit of surprise given where it was, but I suppose that’s Australia, open-minded attitudes to sex establishments and sex generally, what with all the Club X’s everywhere…

However, this doesn’t seem to jibe with this news about a local book store, Polyester, a favorite of mine on Brunswick Street, getting raided by the police and having many x-rated films and dvds confiscated. Seems a bit like double standards to me. Polyester sells a wide range of materials, and is a necessary institution that needs your support. Sign the petition.

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