Thunder, Thunder, and Rain!

Crazy Melbourne weather.

I think the original forecast for today was a hot and sunny day, with a top of 30 degrees celcius and with late showers.
Or that’s what I remembered seeing on Sunday’s tv forecast.

First it was the thunder earlier this morning when I was travelling to work along Beach Road in Brighton. Just a few flashes of light.

It was definately a sign of what was to come for the rest of the day. Rain. More rain, and more rain. But not so much of the thunder.

Until later in the day, after I got home. And was eating dinner.

The rain just started rolling in at that time. And kept going. And going.

Then the thunder from earlier in the day decided it’d make a comeback.The rain has stopped somewhat right now. Same goes for the thunder.

It may be just temporary, or it may stay away for the night. It is forecast to rain for the next 2 days though, so maybe it will be back.

Actually, I can hear the faint sound of thunder in the background somewhere far away.

The rain has meant that the Pura Cup Cricket match between Victoria and New South Wales has been rained out. And without much better weather forecast for the next 2 days, it may mean either an abandoned match, or a severely shortened game.

Ok, that was some really loud thunder just now. It was rather unexpected. And loud. Which means it’s closeby.
It was so loud that my finger just felt a bit tingly. You know the feeling when you touch something and your fingers have a bit of static electricity when it touches something? Well, that’s what it felt like. Weird.

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