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University Cheats

According to the Herald Sun, there were at least 900 university cheats caught in Victorian Universities in the past 2 years. What is scary is that some of those caught were potential lawyers and medical professionals. Just imagine those who were not caught … doctors who cheated their way through exams … would one want to be diagnosed by a doctor who didn’t know half their stuff? Scary.

There were some statistics about the total number of cheats caught per University and surprisingly the top figures were from the top Victorian universities. I hope it is because these universities are more viligant at catching cheats and not because they have more cheats.

Big ship at Station Pier

This morning on the drive to work I noticed there was a big ship docked at Station Pier (in Port Melbourne).

Turns out it’s the Diamond Princess, which is in Melbourne for the day. The ship is apparently two and a half times bigger than the Titanic. And the regular at Station Pier, The Spirit of Tasmania (1 & 2) is so much smaller than the Diamond Princess.

Today during my lunch break, I decided to walk to Sandridge Beach (not far from Station Pier), to take a look at the Diamond Princess. And to my surprise there were a lot of people there as well, looking at the ship. It’s a massive ship.

This morning I saw a Channel 7 helicopter fly over and very close to the ship. There were also about 4 or 5 buses parked on the Pier near the head of the ship.

You should be able to see the ship from Elwood/St Kilda beach when you look towards Port Melbourne.

Which bank, CBA or netbank … a misnomer.

To me, the slogan, “Which bank” is synonymous to CBA. I wonder, if the bank is suffering from an identity crisis.
I assume, stupidly, that anything relating to CBA can be done either through the branch, by telephone or via internet banking.

Instead I found, internet bank is the domain of netbank. Anything relating to it must be done either through the telephone or via the internet. I could not walk into a branch of CBA to have anything fixed. So, let me ask, if I can’t logged into my account, how do I ask for help online? It is like trying to log onto the internet to find out why there is a blackout!

Well, you can say try the telephone helpdesk. So, try answering all the security questions without all your account information infront of you because you can’t log in! To add insult to injury, after answering all the security questions, the helpdesk operator hanged up on me! How helpful is that!

Which bank is it? CBA of course, or is it netbank? One of those, but use at your own risk!

Metroblogging Tokyo asks for feedback

The Metroblogging Tokyo folks are now in the process of doing a bit of a renewal there and, since their stats show that most of their visitors come from outside of Japan, they’re looking for comments on what topics people are interested in reading about at their site. If you have a minute, you might want to head over to their site and post a comment.

Flickr’ing Melbourne

There is much about Melbourne that I’ve yet to see. I’ve lived here for my entire life.

Photography is a way to see something in the eyes of the photographer, another perspective.

It’s one of the reasons why I like seeing photos of Melbourne, especially of things and places I’ve not seen before. Or I may have passed by many times and not taken much notice of.

Each Metroblogging City has their own Flickr Group, Melbourne’s group pool has some very nice photos. Some of which if it didn’t say where it was taken, I’d have no idea where they were taken.

Melbourne Flickr Group has a lot more photos in it.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas I was starting to take a few more photos of my adventures around Melbourne. Mostly just sight-seeing at the various beaches along our coast. From Frankston beach, to Brighton, and as far as to Williamstown beach.

One place I regret not taking my camera to was Point Gellibrand (over in Williamstown). If you ever head to Point Gellibrand, stop and walk along the rocks. From there you get a fairly good view of the CBD’s skyline.

Also the Williamstown Lighthouse/Timeball Tower is an interesting structure.

That’s what I love about Melbourne. There’s so much to see, yet I know I won’t be able to see it all very quickly. But I intend to see as much of it as I can.

Off peak traffic during peak hours?

I took the train this morning into the city during the usual peak hour, when the train is usually crowded with people going to work. Instead, I experienced off-peak conditions. There were ample seats for everyone all the way to Melbourne Central station. Didn’t have to push my way out either.

If only it is like this everyday …

The real cool change has arrived

What a start to the new year! A cold wind is blowing through my home, rain pouring down my gutters … ahhh what a refreshing change. Just what I need to start the new year.

Nothing better than having the wind sweeping the dust of the past year, the rain washing away the dirt and grime of the past, a time to start anew, to start refresh … a clean start! One can feel the wind and rain cleaning the soul of the earth, lifting the spirit of the inhabitants, energy revitalised to continue the journey in the coming days!

I say, we should all step out in the rain to have a good splash …


No, not the answer to life, the universe and everything. Rather, the answer to “how hot was it in Melbourne yesterday?” 42.9°C! That’s 109.2°F to the occasional American reading this.

When the cool change arrived early, around 11am, you could almost hear the whole city breathing a sigh of relief. But when the wind changed again around 3pm, and the temperature jumped up 10 degrees in less than one hour… we knew we were in for an interesting night. We were not mistaken.

I went out at 6:30pm for some last minute shopping and, let me tell you: 42 degrees is hot. When you’re out of the wind it’s not so bad; for example, in the protected area behind the massive Melbourne Central tower it was almost comfortable. But the moment you stepped into the wind gusts blowing down Elizabeth St., it was like standing in front of an open oven.

It became better just in time for the 9:15 fireworks (which I saw from afar). However, when I was walking home after the “official” midnight fireworks, surprise: the hot wind was back! It was 34 degrees at half past midnight, and 32 still at 3:00!

It is now 28 degrees at 10am in the first year of 2006, and it looks like today (and the next few days) will be much more bearable. But, then, there’s always the traditional Australian Open heat wave to look forward to…

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