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Krispy Kreme

This was in yesterday’s mX: Krispy Kreme is (finally, finally!) opening its first Melbourne store. The grand opening is this Thursday, in the QV shopping centre.

Now, the important bit: Krispy Kreme will be giving away 10,000 donuts, starting at 10.30am on Thursday (and, in all likelihood, ending at 10.35am). An event not to be missed.

Update 07/March: as commenters pointed out, Thursday was not the grand opening, just a “stunt” with the donut give-away. Not only that, the store will not be in the QV but in the Westfield Fountain Gate, in Narre Warren. The store will open in June.

Was anyone on Sydney Road today?

Seems like the downpour had caused a fair bit of problem for those people around the Sydney Road area in Brunswick.
I was attempting to get onto the street and found that a good section of it, near Royal Parade, had been blocked off by fire trucks and traffic was being directed away by firemen.

Was anyone there to find out what had happened? I know that the boomgates for the trains were down for a very very long time and many cars were crossing the railway crossings illegally.

The abuse of the elderly

I’ve been watching the news regarding the abuse of elderly people in care and the demands being made for legislation to make it compulsory for care workers to report on abuse.

I am curious as to why there need to be a law making it compulsory for care workers to report abuse. I mean, isn’t it the decent thing to do to report abuse whenever it occurs?

Are you looking forward to the Commonwealth Games?

Well, are you?
On the one hand, I am, in a way. I imagine the opening and closing ceremony to be filled with music, dancing and fireworks. I also look forward to watching the competitions, hoping all competitors are competing in all fairness without steriods. I also imagine Melbourne crowded with people … where the pavements are filled with people with standing room only … all the cafes, restaurants and hotels filled with visitors doing wonders for our economy.

And that brings me to think of the increased traffic, on the roads, trains, trams and buses. Which makes me think of the increased security, more police everywhere, crowds of people suffocating me in the heat of the day … all of which I try to avoid!

I guess there is something for everyone at the Games, the good and the bad.
So, are you looking forward to the Games in a couple of weeks time?

Winter Olympics on Channel 7

One will guess, just by watching the coverage of the winter olympics on channel 7, that Australia has
1: a new sporting hero in Dale Begg-Smith,
2: They have to emphasize he is a multi-millionaire and
3: We need to watch the mogul competition daily to be reminded of it.

I mean, it was repeated last night again, just so we all know what mogul is and a gold medal has been won by an Australian. The more I watched the event, the more I think how upset Canada is. Dale was a former Canadian, so if he had represented Canada, the gold would have gone to them and two, his winning gold pushed the third place Canadian into fourth, thus losing a medal for Canada. Double the pain, double the upset.

I mean, Dale was good but I like to watch other newer events now, except for culling.

Melbourne Motor Show Photos

I went to the Melbourne Motor Show last Sunday, and I agree with Squirt’s comment that it was a bit disappointing that a lot of the cars were locked.

Not all, but a lot of the “nicer” ones. And the ones that most people would actually want to try to have a sit in.

Though I have heard that in previous years, it appeared that some vehicles had been vandalised. If true, then it is quite understandable why some manufacturers would lock the doors on many vehicles. I think if you nicely, some would allow you to sit in the locked cars, but you were supervised.

I’ve uploaded two photos from the Peugeot Precision driving demonstration by Russ Swift . That was actually my personal highlight for the Show.



I’ve also added more to the Metroblogging Melbourne Flickr Pool. Enjoy :)

Crowded trains in the mornings

I realised the trains are more crowded these days, especially in the mornings. Not only were the people packed like sardines, it felt as if oxygen was slowly being sucked out of the carriages too. The carriages were usually cool and comfortable in the mornings but of late, they have become really stuffy and hot. Has the train company decided to turn off the air-conditioning or something?

Just imagine what the carriages will be like during the commonwealth games …

Melbourne’s Motor show

The Melbourne Motor show is here again at the Melbourne Exhibition centre. Just returned from it. Rather disappointed.
Having paid $17, one would have expected access to cars. Instead, we found many vehicles locked and inaccessible. Why bother show-casing the vehicles if you are not allowing people to touch and sit in it?

The best fun? The 4WD ride outside the exhibition centre for free!

Verdict of the Bali nine

Being a simple minded being, it boggles me how the law works:
A drug mule found with drugs strapped to his or her body is given the life sentence.
A person, accused by the drug mule to be the ring leader, found with no drugs attached to his body is given the death sentence.

Assumed that the person is the drug ring leader, then he deserved the sentence. But imagine if he happened to be a tourist who was at the wrong place at the wrong time? What if this person happened to have an argument with the lot of drug mules and they decided to name him as a ring leader just to get a lighter sentence? I know I do not have the full details of the story and for all I know, someone found paperwork proving him beyond doubt that he is the ring leader. Still, the death sentence, is very harsh.

I know I will not be visiting Indonesia in the near future. I do not like my odds, innocent or not.

tagging film and stencil exhibition

melbourne is world famous for its graffiti. or at least it was prior to the current citywide cleanup for the commonwealth games. in last few months street artist, photographer and filmmaker xero (yours truly) has photographed thousands of tags, and spoken to the key players in the public debate over graffiti. urban scrawl, a 13 minute documentary on dvd is the end result of this process.

the premiere of urban scrawl takes place tomorrow night, to coincide with the launch of the book stencil graffiti capital: melbourne and its accompanying photographic exhibition at citylights hosier lane and until never gallery, as mentioned (in scandalised tones) in this story in yesterday’s herald sun and on the channel 10 news.

the film features interviews with australia’s most outspoken anti-grafitti activist steve beardon, resident’s rights spokesman geoff barbour and one of melbourne’s most prolific taggers k2* (not his real tag), and documents tags by the infamous stan and bones of the notorious 70k crew (which if the herald sun are to be believed are the subjects of international manhunts), haha, phibs, tekno, zork, aeon, teror and many more.

the opening goes from 6 to 9 tomorrow night, at 3-5 hosier lane, melbourne, and should be a cracker. copies of the film are available on the night or from your humble narrator.

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