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[to our international readers: melbourne is the second largest city of australia, which is an island continent in the southern hemisphere. the city is renowned for its changeable weather, love of sport and vibrant arts scene. its inhabitants supposedly put some effort into their appearance, and have a penchant for wearing black, especially in winter. ]

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Union rally in the city today?

Is there a union rally in the city today? I’m hearing a great deal of it on the news today. Reckon we will return to the days of week long strikes?

Farewell Commonwealth and Hello Grand Prix!

Is there no end to all the sporting events in the Melbourne calendar? Just finished with the Commonwealth games and we are starting another sporting event on thursday. Grand Prix!!!

Can’t wait to hear all the buzzing around Albert park! Best thing is? I get to watch it LIVE!

What a finale!

What a closing ceremony?!? Is there anything not to like about it? I guess the speeches can be shorter, the fireworks longer. But I love having Dame Edna on the big screen interrupting Michael Klim as well as the combination of the ballerinas with the football players. Both grace and toughness together hand in hand. So poetic, so Melbournian.

Cyclone Larry

Laurie asked about cyclone Larry. Larry hit or larried the northern east coast of Australia affecting the regions of Cairns, Townsville as well as many inland towns of northern Queensland. The cyclone devastated the farming regions that produce most of the country’s bananas as well as sugar cane.

Within hours of the cyclone hitting land, the Queensland state emergency service (SES) as well as the police and military began their rescue work of providing emergency supplies, shelter and cleaning up the mess. So far, most people have had some sort of shelter and food. The frustrations only set in later with the slowness of the clean up operations, which was hampered by the subsequent rain brought on by Larry.

As far as the rest of us can tell, from the media coverage on television and in the papers, the Queensland state government has everything under control. It seems the people were more worried and upset over the lost of the homes and their crops.

The Australian Red Cross and The Salvation Army of Australia have already activated their emergency services for that region and are already onhand to aid the residents there. For those who might want to help, they are accepting donations.

I heard that many tourists were also affected. Some, are helping out in the relieve effect; tending to the BBQs to feed the residents.

I did hear that there are three more cyclones circling near the northern and eastern coast of Queensland. So, we are just waiting to see the end of the cyclones and hoping for the best possible outcomes.

My Annual Gripe

Know what my annual gripe is? No? Well, let me enlighten you. Its this silly thing call the Formula 1 Grand Prix. I love the sport, I love watching it, especially when it is telecast live. It does not matter that I have to wake up at 2 am in the morning because the race is held in some distant country on the otherside of the world but I will be up watching it. What does channel ten do when it has wrestle it away from channel 9? Delay the telecast! That’s right.

F1 Grand prix is being held right this very moment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but I have to wait til tonight before I can watch it. Stupid. Really really stupid. So I am going to tape it and watch it, without the commercials. I don’t see the point of watching the commercials if it is delayed. I have a good mind to email ITV1 in UK to request them to telecast their broadcast on the internet, just so I can watch it live. Stupid channel 10.

St Patrick’s day

Was it St. Patrick’s day yesterday? I was wondering about that while driving around the city to find many many pubs crowded.

Opening Ceremony

Was anyone there at the MCG for the opening? I watched the whole thing unfolds on TV and must say, greatly enjoyed it. The events that will stay in my mind? The flying tram, Ron walking on water and finally the birthday rendition to the Queen. I don’t think there has ever been an opening with a person walking on water! I kind of feel sorry for him because he would have been wet and cold.

Party and celebrations for the Commonwealth games

Some of us are really enthusiatic about the games while some of us have to be dragged kicking into watching it. But, once you walked into the city of Melbourne, it is difficult not to feel an exciting energetic spirit in the air. And that was how I felt in the city yesterday.

People were strolling around with paper flags and noise makers given out by Telstra. There were partying in the streets, with a concert right in the heart of the city. It was also easy to spot all the visitors getting lost in Flinders street station. Just can’t help feeling happy and excited about the games. The only people whom I met who didn’t look happy were all those people dressed in suits. Message: SMILE!

Is anyone working today? I know I am working from home, refusing to be part of the happy crowds trying to fight our way into the city. But I’ll be staying home watching the opening ceremony on TV. Just can’t afford those ticket prices!

Traffic conditions, especially during the Commonwealth Games

The games are about to descend on us in Melbourne. I, like many residents, worry about terrorists attacks, crowds and unruly behaviour but most importantly of all, traffic.

Silly little traffic that affects those of us trying to go to work, come home from work, shopping etc. So, armed with the information about road closure I found in the papers yesterday, I followed the website of Vicroads to have a look on the traffic conditions real time. Its pretty good!

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