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The ‘bloody’ word

Well, I guess Australia has done it with the latest tourist advertisements. How is it that the word ‘bloody’ can be offensive when other more offensive words and behaviour are allowed on television?

I reckon, the immigration officers and greeters at all major airports should greet every tourist, especially those from United Kingdom, with the phrase “Welcome to bloody Australia!”

Even better, bumper stickers and tee-shirts should be made into souvenirs with the word bloody in bold red.

The ad can be downloaded from

Shooting star

I was driving back from Albury when I witnessed a shooting star crossing the sky. Did anyone see it? I thought I was either seeing a shooting star or the burnout of a satellite?

Its great driving out in the country, one can actually see the stars. But these days, I wonder, whether I am gazing at stars or satellites or space shuttle?

street art exhibition: urban myths

if the herald sun and the nightly news are to be believed, putting street art in galleries is a dangerous glamorisation of illegal activities. you’ll be able to decide for yourself when you see the new brunwick arts‘ street art show: urban myths.

the show, at the new artist-run space off sydney road, will showcase the latest in melbourne street art as well as music, zines and clothes by austrian designer, “ella fashion”. features work by ashtek, buni, dv8, haha, jinks, lav, ling, reka, re-set, sirum, snarl [sydney], stats, yanie and your humble narrator.

the opening is on friday 17th march, 2006 from 6pm at 2a little breese street, brunswick. be there or be elsewhere having not quite as good a time. if you’re the first person to buy my painting you’ll receive a complimentary gleeful smile and a feeling of profound satisfaction.

pillow fight club

the grapevine has been creaking in the wind,
and making noises about a public pillow fight
coming up soon and involving random strangers and you!

it’s planned to coincide with some athletic event
that is apparently happening soon
and will take place in an as yet unidentified location.

background here.
updates and info here.

Commonwealth Games is coming to … town!

The commonwealth games is coming to town!!! Well, 12 more days to go, and I read that there are half a million game tickets yet to be sold. I guess the residents of the sporting capital of Australia have all taken up foxtel’s offer of paying something like $50 to have 8 games channel streamed into their homes.

What can the game organizers do other than discounting the price of the tickets or even worse, give them away? Entice more visitors into the state and country? Provide more freebies for ticket holders? Autographs of gold medalists?

I’ve been checking out the games souvenirs on the games website here. I think I’ll wait til after the games have ended.

Legionnaires in Melbourne

Once again, legionnaires is raising its ugly head and causing illness. Why is it Victoria always seems to be having an outbreak ever so frequently?

I remembered one in the Melbourne Aquarium which had plenty of children and tourists going through its doors and now in Melbourne’s northern suburb. Is it that difficult to keep cooling towers legionnaire free? I hope it isn’t due to a cost-cutting measure that the legionnaire bacteria is sprouting in cooling towers. Imagine althetics getting ill during the Commonwealth games because of some stupid cooling tower!

Food poison scare in Sizzler

Did anyone hear the news about rat poison found in the salad bar of Sizzler up in Queensland?
Its enough to turn people off vegetables … I guess we are lucky in a way in Melbourne because there isn’t a Sizzler in Victoria anymore.

Does anyone remember why and how they just happen to disappear from Victoria?

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