ANZAC Day in Melbourne

It’s ANZAC day today across Australia, a day of remembrance of those now gone, their mates that returned as well all their friends and families.

Wars affect all. War is not glorious. For the record, I’m not for wars.

Looking around for quotes, I found this:

hordes of innocent men, women, children and even animals suffer indescribable privations as a result of war. Mothers are separated from children, husbands are separated from wives, brothers are separated from sisters

Some people argue that conflict and war cannot be avoided because they are expressions of human nature. I am realistic enough to realize that it would be foolhardy to sit down and do nothing when aggressors are brutally destroying innocent lives on the basis of unrealistic and unfounded claims, but we must always bear in mind that war is at best a last resort to maintain peace. However, if we believe that war is inevitable, then we will wage war.

Source: Buddhism For The Millenium.

When I woke up this morning, and turned on the TV, they had this song playing titled “I was only 19”.

You should have a read of it here (it includes annotations.)

Here’s a little bit:

God help me, I was only nineteen.
A four week operation when each step could mean your last one on two legs
It was a war within yourself.
But you wouldn’t let your mates down til they had you dusted off
So you closed your eyes and thought about something else.


The song is a tribute to the many young soldiers that were sent to Vietnam during the Vietnam war.

One thing to be heard throughout the day today will be the Bugle call, the Last Post. It was played this morning at the Dawn Service across Australia, as well as Gallipoli.

The Last Post has played at the start of each AFL Footy match across the weekend, and will play again today at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) when two sides, Collingwood and Essendon.

Some people would ask why a Football game is played on such a day of remembrance? They are right to ask that question. The fact is, AFL footy plays a large part in the life of many in this city of ours.

It’s also given more publicity to ANZAC Day to the masses that would otherwise not pay too much attention to the day.

I’ll be in front of the TV later to watch the ANZAC Day footy match, I will stand in silence when the Last Post is played, and then later on barracking for The Mighty Collingwood Magpies against the Essendon Bombers!

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