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Is Australia ready to host the World Cup?

“There is no world event that is beyond the capacity of Australia to organise superbly.”

Ahh yes. The wise and bold words of John Howard that spouts from his pro-USA mouth after claiming that Australia is ready to host the World Cup.

John clearly has been smoking too much dope lately, and the effects have been affecting him somewhat. There’s simply no way Australia will be able to host a World Cup event.

Where’s Melbourne?

Everybody should check out the age’s Melbourne Magazine when it comes out each month. It gives a really good insight into Melbourne culture, and what’s going on in Melbourne the following month.
I picked up my copy today, and this caught my eye on the front cover – “Sorry, never heard of it: What the world really knows about Melbourne.”
This made me think of me recent trip to the state, where 80% of Americans who asked me where I came from would laugh, say something that included “down under” and “the crocodile hunter” then asked me if I owned an aboriginal or a kangaroo. – This is NOT a joke mind you!
It’s on pages 44-46 of the magazine, and asks people from Tokyo, London, New York, Beijing and Moscow about what they think of Melbourne. They don’t tell them Melbourne, Australia just simply – Melbourne.
Two people from New York stuck out the most to me. One said that Melbourne has only hot or cold, weather “it’s a tropical little town with maybe 200,000 people.”

Hook Turns

290px-Hook_Turn_Sign_Melbourne.jpgHook turns are one of those things that people who are not from Melbourne find mind-boggling. It can be extremely confusing for tourists who decide to drive in Melbourne and I would imagine it would be quite difficult explaining a hook turn without a hands on demonstration.

I used to find the hook turns intimidating but now I am quite comfortable with them and actually prefer making a hook turn than making a “normal” turn. The Wikipedia article on hook turns mentions a debate of when you are actually supposed to complete the turn. Should you make the turn on the yellow, the red, or the green light on the perpendicular traffic? I personally go on the red light and before the green on the perpendicular

Wikipedia “Hook Turn”

Melbourne Freecycle

Melbourne Freecycle is an email list where people post things they want to get rid off.

For example: OFFER: Water Cooler – Glen Waverley

People can list almost everything including pets, furniture, and cars. It is an active list with almost 10,000 members so you will receive a few messages an hour. If you are looking to get rid of some old things or if you need something, check this out.

Melbourne Freecycle

Rally in the city today?

I was watching the evening news and saw that there was a Industrial Relations (IR) rally/demonstration in the city today. Was anyone affected by it? Did anyone know about it?

Not one who works in the city, I was totally unaffected by the rally. In the past, I was affected whenever there was a public transport strike but not this time.

If you were affected or you were there at the rally, send your comments and photos.

Winter? More like a cool summer’s evening!

It appears that Mr Weather in Melbourne didn’t graduate with his Winter degree. It’s winter now, but the weather registers a warm 16 C in the day and a not-so-winter chill of 8 C at night.

Dockland’s Winter Wonderland

Winter holidays isn’t the same without the snow. Of course, one could drive to the surrounding mountains to enjoy the snow, but the distance for the long drive can be a barrier. Instead, one could go to the Docklands to visit the Dockland’s Winter Wonderland, a place for children as well as adults to enjoy snow and ice in the vicinity of the city of Melbourne.

They have created a Winter Wonderland, complete with snow dumps for making snowman, ice skating as well as winter sports demonstrations. Might be fun!

Free and Cheap Beer


The Happiest Hour is a good resource for finding cheap “Happy Hours” depending on the day of the week. Each friday, before 5PM, they send out a newsletter listing deals, reviews, and some comic relief. Some examples,

Where: Hotel OZ, 177 Dryburgh St, North Melbourne.
Deal: Say thehappiesthour at the bar and receive a pot of heavy beer
Happy hour there tonight: 4Pm-6pm Fridays.
$2 pots, $3 wine or bubbly $3.50 basic Spirits

Provincial Hotel, 299 Brunswick st, Fitzroy,
$3 vodkas (thursdays)

Worth checking out if you work/live near the city.

Cutesy Road Names

I was on racing down the top end of Lygon Street this afternoon on my foldable scooter. Stopping for traffic to pass, i chanced upon this road, well lane, name. I had to stifle a chuckle and pleasant thoughts of a vanilla-smelling girl in pigtails decked in sunflowers.

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Love my Freebies!

I think people who work or study in the city are lucky! Everytime I am in the city early in the morning, there is always free stuff being given away at the train station, especially in Melbourne Central. In the past, I’ve bagged myself cereal as well as continental soup.

The last time I went shopping in the city, the Priceline in the Centrepoint building along bourke street mall was giving away free sunsilk shampoo! I haven’t found similar giveaways in Priceline in other locations. Pity!

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