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Free Tourist Shuttle


Whether you are a tourist or a local, the free shuttle can be quite convenient. The 15 stops are:
1. Melbourne Museum and Carlton Gardens
2. Lygon Street at Elgin Street
3. Royal Parade
4. Melbourne University
5. Queen Victoria Market
6. Flagstaff
7. Law Courts
8. Immigration Museum
9. Southbank
10. Arts Precinct
11. Shrine of Remembrance
12. Sports and Entertainment Precinct
13. Flinders Quarter
14. Chinatown & Theatres
15. Exhibition Street at La Trobe Street

The shuttle stop at Melbourne University can be useful for students and faculty.

Free Tourist Shuttle

Who’s batty enough to visit Federation Square tonight?

After the debacle that is watching Brazil take an underserved 2-0 win over Australia last week in 4 degrees cold, i’m learning my lesson. This time i’m staying at home, keeping myself warm with a warm fire and hot chicken soup. Now all i’ve got to do is not spill the soup when i start jumping around screaming myself hoarse.

My verdict? Australia to beat Italy 4-3 on penalties. Oh, and Mark Viduka to score a penalty.



You don’t often see a tram “hurt”. According to the guy who took the photo, a bus hit the tram.

You can set your RSS reader (Bloglines, Pluck, Google) to pick up any pictures on Flickr tagged with Melbourne.

For those not using RSS, Flickr: Photos tagged with melbourne:.

A non-Australian’s thoughts

World Cup lost on you? Or are you really un-Australian and consider the round ball code far more exciting than what you guys call handball, i mean, football.

Open Day in the Parliament

Trying to find something to do indoors without spending any money? Well, how about visiting the Parliament of Victoria? Its open day tomorrow, to celebrate the 150th Anniversary.

It might be fun, visiting a place we hear so much about. I mean, we paid for the running of the place, right? At least, the tax payers are paying for the salary of the members of Parliament. I like to see how they are spending/wasting our money!

I suppose it will be too much to expect all those people who were voted into Parliament to be there to serve the citizens of Victoria!

They are open between 11 am and 4 pm.

Melbourne Based Online Shopping


ok so this isn’t strictly limited to the City of Melbourne, but since its offices are based in Melbourne i thought it would be worth mentioning. is basically an online shopping website, but the catch is they offer only 1 item a day. even if it sells out (and some stuff sells out within a first few hours!) they don’t put anything on again until 12am exactly. also, if it doesn’t sell out, there’s no telling if and when it will come back.

in other words, its impulse shopping at its greatest. i have a friend who bought two 300GB hardrives from them rather impulsively, only to find that it wasn’t any cheaper than the market price. one good tip for all potential zazz-ers is to check the going price of their item on (but only if its even on ebay) and compare it to the zazz. ebay is a good indication of current market prices for stuff like that.

but don’t get me wrong, they do have great deals on cool items. some stuff, you buy just because you can’t find it anywhere else. like chopper mini bikes. and some of their other stuff look like they came from the bargain bins at Best Buy, like the recent butt ugly USB skype phone. but that’s perfectly ok! because they sell the stuff at bargain bin prices.

i would describe more of the past highlights, but it would be better if you just took a look for yourself.

some might call it a rip off of woot. in fact, with the similarities in design, i’m starting to suspect they are the same guys. but the truth is, i couldn’t care less. i’m always happy to see online shopping websites in whichever country i’m currently staying in outside the US, because it means less shipping costs and local currency. and possibly cheaper goods as well.

honestly though, its become more than just a shopping experience. its a daily routine! you feel HAPPY when you see something cool on zazz. a few weeks ago they had an event called zazzmania, which was where they tried to purge all their previously unsold items (and a couple new ones) in 1 day. i.e 1 item every hour or until it sold out. so you had a group of people (me included) staying up 24 hours just to see what would come up. when something like that happens, you have to give credit to their business strategy right there.

these are guys to keep your eye on.

Staying up or waking up

So everyone!
Staying up or just waking up? Who is heading out to Federation Square to enjoy the atmosphere as well as to watch the ultimate soccer match? Or maybe a pub along Hardware lane, or one of the pubs dotted around the city centre or somewhere near you?

Or like me, you enjoy the comfort of the home sofa too much to venture out to join a crowd? Whichever way, it will be worth being late for work, or some cases, early for work!

KK alert!

(got this baby from

It’s here folks! Step right up for one of the most delicious, fattiest treats your likely to taste this year! Yes, I’m talking about Krispy Kreme, the American franchise that’s FINALLY open here in Melbourne – so now there really is no reason we need to go to Sydney (Oooh! I hear you all say – I warn ya’ – I’m not too politically correct!)
1,000 people lined up just to get a JOB at KK – and I saw a news clip today of crap loads of people screaming (obviously from a sugar overdose) outside the Fountain Gates store, and along the road leading to it. The celelbrations started from 6pm last night and included ‘special’ musical guests and MCs.
All I care about are the donuts. Apparently, some special ‘Australian only’ flavours are being developed including choc-mint, pineapple, and the one I’m looking forward to – caramel!
Oh, and if anyone wants to get me a Krispy Kreme, my fav. is the one on the top right corner – the one that looks like a Karate weapon. Soooo good!


hey guys.
my name is Ronny and i’m an international student studying the university of melbourne, and i stay in the city area. i joined the melbourne metroblog because i like taking photos and writing about events i go to anyway, so why not share it with people who do the same thing! i’m also a big fan of the “team blog” concept. much like a magazine, there’s always frequent updates and different perspectives.

i’ve been writing about my time in melbourne for the past 2 years, with lots of photos of the places i eat at, and the things i see. its been a fun time, with more to come. you can see some of the posts i made earlier about melbourne on my own website.

2006 is set to be a big year for the city and the world in general. With the Commonwealth Games being held earlier, the annual Melbourne Comedy Festival and the Moomba Festival are other examples. The Lion King was in town as well. There was also the Winter Olympics, and of course the World Cup.

but fret not! there’s more to come in the year ahead and i look forward to covering them all.

unfortunately i’ll be away for the next month or so in Singapore/Malaysia, so my updates won’t come as frequently as i would like for this period. but i’ll be back soon enough.

have a nice one!

Mobile Phone Scams

phone.gifThere seems to be a lot of stories lately of mobile phone scams. Last December, I received an SMS with a joke. The phone number was 19900025 and the joke was something like ” Why does Santa have 3 gardens…so he can ho-ho-ho”. There was nothing in the message that indicated whom it was from and I thought nothing of it. Out of curiosity, I googled that phone number and got to a thread on Whirlpool (My favourite tech forum). Turns out people were getting charged about $2.50 for each of these messages. Some mobile phone companies refunded people and some told them to contact the company that sent it. No one asked to be messaged especially for $2.50. I called Telstra, my provider, and they argued with me that I must have signed up for it or maybe someone used your phone to sign up for it. I argued with the guy and told him to look at the thread on Whirlpool but that didn’t help. So I went back to the thread and the general consensus on advice was to keep asking for supervisors and if that didn’t work, to file a complaint with the TIO. Next time I called, I talked to a different Telstra rep who refunded my money. I had a difficult time getting all the facts together to get a refund. I can’t imagine most people who received this message ended up getting a refund. Both the company who sent the message and the mobile phone companies profit off these messages and there is very little regulation governing these scams.

So the latest scam in the news is about missed calls. Basically, a phone dialer calls your phone and hangs up so it shows up in your phone as a missed call. When you call the number of the missed call, you are put through to a pre-recorded marketing call. And of course, once again, I received one of these missed calls. This time I googled the number immediately and it pulled up the 4 Wise Monkeys website

The Age article

Has anyone else had any experiences like this?

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