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60 minutes of free SkypeOut

skype.gifFor anyone who hasn’t tried out Skype yet, now is your chance. Skype is giving away 60 minutes of free SkypeOut credit to the first 10,000 people to download the new eBay Skype.

Skype is a program that you run on your computer that allows you to call anyone in the world. Skype to Skype calls are free while Skype to phone calls cost money. The Skype out rates are considerably cheaper than long distance companies.

Get Skype

Books sets or written by Melbournians Prt. 2.

All that False Instruction by Kerryn Higgs.


This is the story of Maureen, a Melbourne University student whose story centers around her coming to terms with her life as a lesbian, and how those around her (including her friends, the University) deal with it.
The amazing thing about this book is that it was set in the 60s, and was published in 1975. It won a number of literary prizes, and grew a following in New York.
Higgs wrote the book under the name Elizabeth Riley, and it was only in 2001 that the book was republished with her real name on the cover.
Kerryn Higgs now lives in New York and Sydney, the former were she writes a webdiary columnist who writes about political and environmental matters that are close to her heart.

Zazz Contest that involves the city

hey guys. i’m back in melbourne and i just came accross this.

remember the online shopping site i talked about earlier,

well, they have this new competition/martketing campaign that involves people downloading and printing out these giant price tags available on their site and placing them near interesting items in the city of melbourne, and taking photos of them.


the competition is still on going until friday (i think). a bit late i know, but hopefully enough time for the interested people out there to take part if you’re going to be in the city and have a camera handy.


big apple greeter

For a bit of trivia… you know the nice people in red, that the City of Melbourne has as volunteers handing out information on Swanston St, Bourke St, and probably more?

Its a spin-off from the Big Apple Greeter, started in New York, ages ago.

from the things you read in airplane magazines…

Ban photography, boycott Southgate!

Its all over the news. I read it in first online on the news website, saw the article on the tele, saw the same criticism on the current affairs that management in Southgate is banning photography within its premises. So, Southgate is banning photos of its buildings. What other buildings do they manage? What’s next?

Given that Southgate is situated in the middle of Melbourne’s art and culture scene, right in the middle of the city’s tourist precinct, right next to the Melbourne Art Centre, the National Gallery of Victoria, how could they restrict people from taking photographs? Is that their way of showing support for the arts? Is that their way of welcoming tourist to Melbourne, recently voted the top tourist spot of Australians?

Southgate bans photos reports:
Southgate management has erected “no camera” signs around the Yarra River retail and dining centre after security guards tried to force tourists to delete photos taken of “obscure” parts of buildings.
The police were called when they refused.

I have heard of this happening in the US but this is the first case I have seen here. Has anyone here been stopped from taking photos?

Anatomy for Beginners

anatomyphoto.jpg I’m used to seeing weird stuff on SBS but last night took the cake. An anatomist methodically cut open a cadaver, took out the sternum, the lungs and the heart. They showed how the lungs worked by pumping air into the lungs and pumped fake blood to show all the veins and arteries.
This show is so bizarre and I don’t know what to really say. If you can stomach it, watch it.

Episode 3, Monday, 31 July – Digestion:

Professor von Hagens dissects a woman in front of a live audience to reveal the digestive system. After slicing off the back of her head so that he can demonstrate from behind the passage of a mouthful of food down the oesophagus, he removes her entire abdominal block from her tongue all the way to her anus and, after dissecting all the organs along the digestive tract, he unravels it to its full length of seven metres.

Episode 4, Monday 7 August – Reproduction:

The Professor dissects a man and a woman in front of a live audience to reveal their reproductive systems. Following the path of the sperm from his testes, along the vas deferens and out of his penis, von Hagens picks up the journey inside the female dissection specimen where he dissects her uterus and finally demonstrates how a baby passes through a female pelvis.

Anatomy For Beginners is confronting, shocking, fascinating but above all truly revealing television that demystifies the makeup and workings of the human body.
This is the real Fantastic Voyage!

Anatomy For Beginners on SBS

McNaughty? More like McNoughty!

Australia mourns as McNought fails to win Miss Universe. Despite top billing in the build up to the finals, she did not even picture in the Top 20.

Melbourne Day.

Coming up on the 30th of August it will be our cities 171st Birthday. The Enterprize a ‘schooner’ came into the North Bank of the Yarra River, it’s crew docked, and began their new life by buidling a Storage hut. This location is now called ‘Enterprize park’ and is found at the meeting of Williams St and Flinders St.
Lots of events will be happening on the day, our lovely mayor John So will be raising Melbourne’s flag at Enerprize park at 10am, and from 10-5pm there will be a replica of The Enterprize ‘schooner’ that you can board and check out!
Oh, and wonder what our flag looks like?

Catch that tram

A picture for those who have ever not made it in time to catch the tram.

Photo by Beebleb

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