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Brownlow medal – what is it

depite this engaging post by fellow metroblogger zara, i saw a bit of this on tv the other day and i still don’t know what the heck is it.

so what to do? turn to good old trusty wikipedia of course.
Brownlow medal.

ah ok. so that’s what its about. a kind of, “Player’s Player of the year” thing. ok cool.

now this begs the question:

i can understand the significance of the award. but do we really need to see the voting process to such detail?

i assure you, i mean no Aussie Rules Football fans ANY disrespect whatsoever. but if someone would be so kind enough to explain this event a bit clearer, as to what it is and why it done in this way, i would really appreciate it.

Indonesian Festival 2006


Festival Indonesia (going by Bahasa Indonesia grammar) was at federation square from the 16th to 17th of September (yup its over).


Balinese dancers

I only managed to catch the final stage performance involving traditional indonesian dances. there was a fairly large crowd with professional production values. i’m impressed because it seemed very well planned and organized, not just some small exihibition with trading stalls.

I’m sorry what?

So while the whole world…*cough* i mean Australia watches their lame remake of aerial ping pong final in the MCG this afternoon, this better off and much more ball-educated author will be sleeping it though.

Just got back from work you see. Everyone else has taken the day off and gotten piss drunk, and of course, who else would you put to cover your shifts but one who cannot give a rat’s ass about the oval ball code.

Oh, and that’s for the rugby league finals tomorrow in Sydney too.

Or was it rugby league?

Bah you Aussies. Now pass me a beer will ya mate?

Departure Lounge

Bye bye Bearbrass, see you soon!

Image taken by velco on Flickr.

Tiny Tulle Takeover

Image taken by neomien

tulle%20takeover.jpgA few days ago I noticed a new show at Her Majestys Theatre, FAIRIES it read.

Hmmm, not quite what you would expect from a theatre established in 1886, “an icon of Australia’s rich cultural and theatrical heritage”.

Yesterday, whilst ideling at a traffic light on the top end of town my reverie was interrupted by a flash of hot pink.

A tiny tot, resplendent in pink tulle – prancing gleefully of the hand of her mummy…..Awwww cute, I thought.

At the next traffic light, there was another with a pal – mums and grandmums in tow.

Gliding round the corner at Collins I detected a few other little ones, twinkles of pink amongst suits and serious heels.

I parked. Jumped out and fed the meter, looked up and saw a sea of pink grasshopper height.

Goodness me, a parade of pretty pink princesses.

Not the only bemused pedestrian mind you, it was morning tea time for our construction boys.

Towering in their Yakka overalls, they warily eyed a tiny tulle takeover.

Grand Final Weekend

afl%20parade.jpgAs I half predicted last month , Melbourne is being overrun by Eagles and Swans (fans that is). Last night, while attempting to get a quiet dinner on Lygon St., I could have sworn I was walking in downtown Perth. Streets were filled with brown and yellow and there was hardly a sight of a Swans fans. In any case, this is going to be the end of sports for many this weekend until next March.

So what is everyone doing for the Grand Final (bbq, drinking etc.)?

AFL Grand Final
2:30PM Saturday
Sydney Swans vs. West Coast Eagles
@ the MCG

Oh and by the way, there is an NRL Grand Final this Sunday featuring our own Melbourne Storm.

NRL Grand Final
7:00PM Sunday
Melbourne Storm vs. Brisbane Broncos
@ Telstra Stadium (Sydney)

Picture from The Age/AP. Picture taken today in the CBD.

Chess on Swanston


did a search and i’m surprised no one reported on this yet.

someone seems to have finally put the giant chess pieces back on the sidewalk chess board along swanston street just outside L’Incontro (Lint Control!) next to the town hall. anyone up for a game?

photo via Bogdan Krasic

Lazy Sunday – Australian Version

everyone should know the lazy sunday viral video rap from SNL that got pulled off the net by NBC. but then put back on their own site when they finally realised that “hey, mass viewship on the internet might actually be a good thing”

anyway here’s the australian version of lazy sunday:

neomein is taking off


Image taken by Akida on Flickr.

neomien is taking off for a lil while…..but never fear…there’s some tasty fresh posts she prepared earlier in store – just for you.

so, if she doesn’t reply to your comments – she’s not being rude, she’s probably munching on some freshly fried grasshoppers, bargaining like a banshee, imbibing some strange home-made local brew out of a jar which is vaguely reminiscent of old skool IXL jam jars or pretending to be a tuna fish in someone else’s PT system.

stay safe

ciao ciao

x n

I did not see any sex perverts

I didn't see any sex perverts

About a month ago, I post an entry about the former deputy lord mayor commented the vault will provide a space for sex perverts, which turns out the lord mayor was right to a certain extent.

Alcohol consumption in public space is forbidden, but apparently not in the yellow peril, which anything you do inside could hardly be seen.

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