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Los Amates: Mexican Restaurant

los%20amates.jpgMelbourne has a vast and eclectic variety of restaurants. The seafood, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Greek restaurants here are highly rated and are on par with most other countries. One category of restaurant that doesn’t seem to be plentiful is Mexican restaurants. Yes, we all know about the Taco Bills chain that are located across Australia but I mean traditional Mexican cuisine that even Mexicans can appreciate.

Los Amates is located on Johnston St., Fitzroy nearby to the happening Brunswick St. The big difference between Taco Bills and this restaurant is that everything isn’t just covered with cheese.

Food: Great. There are a variety of things to choose from such as enchiladas and tortillas. Complementary nachos are given at the start of every meal.

Drinks: The hot chocolate here is quite good but if you want it, order it early. I believe they melt chocolate into the drink which is why is takes a bit of time. As for alcohol, you have the usual Margaritas and Mexican beers. Skip the Coronas and try one of the other Mexican beers.

Restaurant: Not too flash but looks like a traditional Mexican restaurant. As you eat, you can look out the window at all the people working out in the gym across the street. Chef Arturo walks around and makes sure that everyone’s meal is satisfactory.

Great place for a date, not too expensive, and located near bars.
Great place to have conversation with friends, once again near bars.

Los Amates

Picture by the doubtful guest

type> What’s your flavour?

Cones by George on Flickr

Personally I’m not a fan of Sam over at The Age with her blog, Sam(e) and the City.

No offence to her personally, it’s just a Pavlovian reaction to the onslaught of observations a la Bushnell .

I am a huge fan of The City, which gal isn’t.

Anyway, her current blog topic piqued my interest.

Vanilla or chocolate? The intercultural dating debate, and admittedly I’m a little impressed with the number of respondents – not surprising tho honestly.

Seems Melbourne (assuming most commentors are from this town) is a thriving hotbed of inter-racial dating – or wannabes.

Considering the recent comments from our readers – I was wondering what the MB Melbourne take would be…..

Pick a flavour – go on, I dare ya….

Trek Earth Melbourne

i was searching the net for photos to plagiarize for my report on the Indonesian Festival at fed square (all my own photos were stupidly deleted myself) when i came across this site called Trek Earth.

i think its something like MetroBlogging, except with photos only. and less less organized : )

check out the Australia>Victoria>Melbourne section for some nice shots of the city.

Sammy J – Cyclone

I had the good fortune of seeing sammy J live on campus during a stand up comedy performance, and i can’t recomend him enough.

he’s a comedy musician, writing funny songs (think tripod or jimmy fallon when he was still a player at SNL). and he’s bloody brillant. seriously. there’s this one song called “the Backwards song” which he sings forwards, then backwards word for word. downright funny. winner of the Best Newcomer award at the 2006 Melbourne Comedy Festival. definately worth $15.

The Butterfly Club
204 Bank Street South Melbourne
28th September to 15th October 9pm (thursday to sunday)
$20/$15 (concession & previews)

snap> Show me your hometown

hometown.jpgI’ve really enjoyed taking part in MB Melbourne and I luuurrrvvveee my hometown.

I dare say that’s pretty evident with my posts.

So it’s pretty exciting for me to announce that Metroblogging is now working with JPG Magazine.

JPG Magazine, for those of you who don’t know, is a magazine for the advanced amateur digital photographer that highlights the work of photographers who fall between the cracks of traditional print media.

All photos that are submited to the magazine are voted on by the community as to what will end up in the next issue of the print magazine.

The next issue is due out in November, and the “theme” that Metroblogging is sponsoring is called Hometown

Home is not just about where you’re from – it’s also about where you’ve chosen to be. What does your hometown look like, and how does it feel?

You’ve got about 5 days to snap a pic before the edition closes.

Those of you who participated in the home grown Snap-Shot-City should have no probs.

Happy snapping!

Where Art Thou Week 4

Answer to Week 3 of Where Art Thou is the most fantabulous tiny Spanish restaurant Movida.

Kudos to Neomien for guessing it right first!

The scoreboard currently looks like this:

Neil – 1 point
Bjorn – 1 point
Neomien – 1 point

It’s looking quite close here! Would there be a new name emerging? Or is someone gona take the lead with 2 points?

This week’s question is quite the funny-ha-ha-ha one. Can anyone tell me what in the world is going on here? Is the Melbourne public under threat from cops on a high? Or is this a cheap coverup for something more sinister? 2 points for guessing correctly what AND where.

What in the world?

There has been a brief hiatus between Where Art Thou week 3 and 4, much apologies!

see> Where are the Wild Things?

monster%26sam.gifAfter posting Mischievous Mambo I decided to go visit the Jewish Museum of Australia in St Kilda to learn a little more about the holocaust.

Curious as hell, neomein is also prone to suffer from ADD on the odd occasion. This was one of them.

To my absolute delight, there was an exhibition on Maurice Sendak – he who wrote Where the Wild Things Are, undeniably one of mini neomien’s favourite books.

It was a facinating exhibition, a mini retrospective on his works – video footage, notes and first editions – his influences of growing up with a Jewish heritage.

Great for the kiddies with little “wild thing” costumes to jump into – unfortunately neo couldn’t fit.

There was even a slide which landed you in a “bowl” of chicken noodle soup – again…..neo was a bit big there…..the mini neo inside watched enviously from the side at the little people frollicking in the “noodles” and one lone rubber chicken.

Too cool….all this reminded me of a lil rumour of a VERY accomplished director sniffing around melbourne……

Turns out those rumours are true!

Barcode Crown hits end of life – party all weekend!

I like Barcode. In fact, I regularly patronize it, not because I like to play games, or play pool, but because I tend to baby-sit this thirteen year old from time to time, and he loves playing games. I on the other hand, love their caramel apple martinis!

play. food. code. I’m sure walking around the Crown Casino Entertainment Complex, everyone’s bound to have passed Barcode at least once. And now, after about ten years in the game, they’re closing down! Not to fear, they’ve got one in Melbourne Central which is pretty fun as well (with the adjacent bowling alley and Van Gogh Bar). And the next one is opening above Spearmint Rhino, on King St. (just think about that, after games, and a few drinks, you can go get some stripper action? Guess I won’t be bringing the kid along…)

Anyway, from 9pm tomorrow (Thursday, 28 September) right till 7am Monday, the party’s on, 24 hours a day, for the four-day long weekend. There’ll be DJ’s playing, with some FOX FM folk appearing on Sunday. Lots of games, drink specials, giveaways and the like are to be had, so consider going, as this icon faces the gallows.

Entrance is free before 10pm, or only $10 after. See you there?

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A Cafe-oriented Post

Melbourne is a place that has zillions of good cafes. I haven’t tried out every single cafe in Melbourne, but I would like to start a list that consolidates the best items of Melbourne’s cafes. Oh, maybe you could help!

Here’s how we could do it: Everyone lists out his/her 5 favourite items from five different cafes.

Here’s mine:

  1. Choc fudge Brownie from Cicalata Cafe on Lygon Street, Carlton (opposite to Lygon Court)
  2. Lemon tart from Caffe Cucina e Bar on Lt Collins St, City (Royal Arcade)
  3. $7.90 Lunch deal (includes coffee and a dish)of Gordon Coffee Room on Lt Bourke St, City (between Exhibition and Spring St)
  4. Chai Latte from Mr Tulk at State Library
  5. Chicken Foccace from Foo-Go’s on Elgin Street (near Melbourne Uni)

What’s your best 5 items of 5 cafes? Share them so that we can all try some GOOD food!

Melbourne Airport’s Flight Tracker

flighttracker.jpgHave you ever tried to pick someone up at the airport and then realize that their flight is late? Melbourne Airport have a really neat live flight radar feature on their website that allows you to find the flight by number or to view all flights going into and out of the airport. The tracker is updated in real time and is quite interesting to watch for a bit. If only we could estimate the traffic this accurately.

Melbourne Airport Live Flight Radar

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