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Arias tonight.

If you’re into Australian music, then there is no doubt you know that our Australian Recording Industry Association awards are on tonight in Sydney.
The most nominated are Bernard Fanning, Hilltop Hoods, Wolfmother and Eskimo Joe who all have five each. Melbourne band, Augie March, has four nominations – Best rock album, best group, album of the year and single of the year for “One crowded hour.”
Melbourne boys The Living end are also up for best group.
Performances will include Eskimo Joe, Wolfmother, the veronicas, and Silverchair will do a tribute to this years ARIA hall of fame inductees, Midnight Oil.
Grab your Arias guide in The Age, and tune in to Channel 10 @ 7.30 for the results!

Australian Student Visa Rules

from melbourne metroblog reader Z.Z:

Australia is undoubtedly a great country and i am inspired by its culture and people and long to live in Australia. I am currently a highscool student in Pakistan that wishes to take undergraduate study in Australia and here is my problem: According to Australian immigration rules, an applicant for a Student visa should have sufficient funds to travelto, live and study in Australia.

Their website states that estimated costs for a single student living in Australia are $12,000 AUS. Now for example, if i want to complete a three year Bachelors degree in Australia, i have to prove to the embassy that i have the total course fee, in my case (20,000 dollars annual X 3) = $60,000 plus (12,000 dollars X 3) = $36,000. That adds up to around a $100,000. In addition, their policy states that the candidate should have the money kept as a bank balance for atleast six consecutive months prior to the visa application lodgement.

It is common sense that in a country like Pakistan, even the richest of people do not leave such money lying around as interest rates are not attractive and other investment opporutinites are very open. How is a normal person supposed to show such big amounts of money? People can afford to show maybe one year and prove that they have sufficient income for the rest of the time but 5 million rupees at once? And six months is a long time, the students plans may change in such a long time!

I hope the Australian government and immigration department will consider this and will facilitate students to come to Australia and not create hinderances. I want the australian government to hear what we have to say and please ease the policy. i do not wish to compare but even countries like USA, U.K or canada do not have such harsh financial requirments, all they require is proof of living for a year and a progressive income, not all the money ALL TOGETHER.

as an international student myself i can relate to the incredibly large amounts of money which is required to even begin an education here, much less complete it. if you’re not a PR or citizen, you’ll basically have to pay the full fee. and of course, your living costs.

don’t get me wrong, i’m definately “on the side” of all international students everywhere. but isn’t it always going to cost alot of money when you relocate from one country to another? especially one as affluent as Australia. not to mention the fact that Australia really has no reason at all to let foreign students into their country, if not for the $$. sorry to be cynical, but that’s the fact. they have absolutely no reason in the world to “make it easy” for anyone coming into the country. do i agree with it? of course not. is there much to be done for it? i doubt so.

Z.Z, i suggest you look at the other countries on your list of options. i have to say, if not for the fact that they offer undergraduate law degrees in australia, i would have preferred to go to America myself. no offence you guys.

anyone have any *reasonable and polite* comments to make on this issue?

Keep on crammin………

Image taken by dcJohn

on flickrexam%20time.jpg

Huge shout out (does anyone say that anymore?!?!) to all the kids prepping for the VCE exams…..daylight saving has probably freaked you out…..
I lose an hour dammit!!!?!

Don’t fear, it’s really not the end of the world……fun, life, green week and missing those tutes is just around the corner.

Good luck!

Red Bull Music Academy

front_pic.jpgSo yeah, I’ve been a bad girl…..late nights and errrr early mornings?…

If you’ve been out and about at some fantastic establishments over the weeks….you would have figured out that we, here in Melbourne, have been graced with talented djs from around the nations….I know that I’ve been experiencing some amazing ear candy!

Yup, the Red Bull Music Academy has been in town. What’s that?

The Red Bull Music Academy brings together DJs and music producers from diverse musical and cultural backgrounds to exchange their ideas about music and their knowledge of how life in the music industry works.

The two-week term schedules aim to cover all major aspects of DJ culture, including music history, technology and production, business and skills. We invite a variety of accomplished international guests – from industry movers and shakers to pirate radio station operators, from turntablists to sonic theorists – to meet our students and tell their own stories in their own words.

Noice……for the past month, the Red Bull Music Academy has been camping out in Richmond….

You’ve literally got tonight and tomorrow night to tear up the floors with some amazing talent…..’cause skools out.

Tonight head down to First Floor to Bust a Nut featuring RBMA’s Black Milk, Bubbz and Melbourne’s own Kano and Dvise or traverse the laneways to Honkytonks for The Last Dance featuring US House legend Maurice Fulton….tasty!

Tomorrow night it’s on again at Honkytonks….Lasergun featuring Le K and a few mystery Academy guests…..strap on those dancing shoes and make sure you don’t miss it ’cause you just might…..

Krispy Kreme’s latest opening

Have you heard?
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is opening their next store in …Chadstone Shopping Centre on the 2nd November.
Chadstone is a huge mall but they state that they will be near the Warrigal Rd Entrance, near the bus stops.
Its mentioned on their website that they will be open on Thursday at 7.30 am.

Its too early for me to head out there, but if you are going to be around that part of Melbourne …

Selamat Hari Raya

a belated Selamat Hari Raya (happy Hari Raya in malay) to all the Muslim readers!

where i come from its a pretty big celebration and you can see the Muslim Malays dressed up in their tradtional clothes.

the celebtrations are a bit more toned down here in Melbourne, but the good will is still there. and i did see people dress up accordingly for it.

Selemat Hari Raya!

Hail in the morning

your intrepid reporting blogger/reporter yours truely braved the harsh elements to bring you this live scoop with photos. right now in the city, at 5.40am. its hailing. in noticeable but short bursts of ice.



have a nice day!

Borders bookshop: 20% off almost everything!

I have just returned from Borders in Highpoint. They have a 20% off almost everything sale, valid for today. So, if you are near a Borders and have been thinking of buying that DVD, CD or book, now is a good time. Unless you are on their mailing list, there’s a 30% coupon in today’s mailout.

Anything for a deal!

Daylight Savings Time

daylight-savings-time.jpgThis weekend we have the Fiesta Malaysia, the conclusion of The Melbourne Arts Festival and free entry to art exhibits on Sunday. Remember that our clocks are going forward this Saturday/Sunday at 2AM. I wonder how they change all the times in the clocks in Flinders St. Station? Also if a pub closes at 3AM, does that mean that it will close at 2AM? I suppose I will have to test it out this weekend.

Clock changes in Melbourne

Picture via

Coworking at Melbourne Central?

Maybe its a sign as to how long I’ve not been to the Melbourne Central food court, but as its raining outside, and most of the food places are packed, I decided to pay the food court at Melbourne Central a visit (this being the one on the 1st floor, just off the escalators to the cinema).

There’s free WiFi, its not blazingly quick, but it’ll suffice to get work done. More to the point is that next to the fish shop, there’s a little “work area”, in where there’s seats and power sockets, for about 8 laptops to work comfortably. What’s more is there’s streaming music, that you as a user can choose (its piped radio).

I then remember reading about Coworking and was wondering if this could work in Melbourne? Are there more cafes (note, not bars) that have free WiFi access that you know of?

Lets keep the Starbucks out of the tally, because Telstra charges ridiculous rates to get on the Internet. To start the ball rolling, there’s Joe’s Garage at 366, Brunswick Street, in Fitzroy that has free WiFi and a pretty good work environment.

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