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Heroes and Villians Comic Exhibition


20 October 2006-25 February 2007 at the State Library

Who was the Lone Avenger? What magic word gave Captain Atom his powers? Where did Molo the Mighty come from? And which masked crime-fighter was banned by the Queensland Government?

Heroes & Villains: Australian comics and their creators is a free exhibition at the State Library of Victoria that explores the colourful, and sometimes controversial, history of Australian comic books, from their wartime origins in the 1940s to the present day.

i went down a few weeks back. its an interesting walk through although i can’t say i’m a huge fan of Aussie Comic Heroes (or Villians). it was interesting from a purely artistic point of view though.

Amazing Race, and then some…

Am watching the family version of the Amazing Race on Channel 7 right now. Some gripes:

1) It’s not Amazing Race without the exotic and foreign destinations! It’s already week 3, and they’re still in Yank territory…

2) Why are the members crying and whinging when they’re last/stuck/unable to cope when everyone around them speaks English! Just bloody ask for directions!

3) As usual, a complete lack of a genuine American representation. 10 families, only 1 is non-white, in this case, black. The white and xenophobic media needs to lose their myopia and understand how the world is changing, and how the hispanics, blacks and Asians will only become more affluent and prominent in the next few decades.

Queen Victoria Night Market… summer begins…

night%20market.jpgEmma from imogenation, wrote a post on the Queen Vic Night Market.

headed straight for the food stalls… our intention – to get dinner!! There was so much to choose from, so we started with a glass of wine… Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mexican, Greek, Italian and Chips (with a variety of dips). There were also loads of stalls offering sweetness and light… strawberries and chocolate, nougat, cherries… all sorts… it was very difficult to choose.

Mmmm… I’ve been eagerly awaiting for the Night Market to start up again and it looks like last night was the opening night for the season.

Wednesday, 29 November 2006 – Wednesday, 28 February 2007.
(Except Wednesday, 27 December, 2006.)
5.30pm – 10pm
200+ stalls

Queen Vic Night Market
Queen Victoria Night Market… summer begins…

Picture from Queen Vic Market


hi guys.

just a friendly reminder for everyone to keep their houses secure at all times this holiday period. 2 metrobloggers (neil and me) have already been hit and they guys stole my camera, laptop, watch AND DIGNITY while i was at home sleeping. so even if you’re just taking a nap, be sure to lock your balcony doors.

Lucky driver of the day

truckledge.jpgRight out of a scene from a movie, it was life or death for a truck driver in West Melbourne today. The man was driving down Dynon road bridge when the truck slipped and crashed through a safety barrier leaving the truck hanging off the side of the bridge. Very lucky guy.

Man freed from dangling truck

Bring your child(ren) to work Thursday!

Let it be bring your child(ren) to work on Thursday. According to various newspaper articles from The Age and the Herald Sun, there will be a large protest march tomorrow at the MCG. Teachers will also be joining the protest, resulting in closures of schools tomorrow. So, what do you do?

If your company is understanding enough, they should just make it into a “Bring your Child(ren) to work Day”. A day to experience work life. Or if you are protesting tomorrow, I guess it can be a sunny day out. Bring a picnic basket to enjoy the glory of the MCG. But don’t forget to put on your suntan lotion and hats.

What fun! What with Christmas shopping, tourists, students on holiday, protesters, the city is going to be crammed full with people.

Melbourne’s 1st gift – the feature length movie.

When we think of movies, we obviously think of LA, Hollywood. We never really think about Australia or little ol’ Melbourne.
But, you will be suprised to know that actually, Melbourne plays a big part in movie history. Melbourne is known to have made the first feature length movie – most movies around then ran for abour 20 minutes, but the 1906 movie, made by Messrs. John and Nevin Tatt (founders of the “J N.Tait Theatrical company”) ran for nearlly an hour.
The story was of our famous outlaw, Ned Kelly and was named, “The story of the Kelly gang.” it was put into six sequences, and was advertised as containing 4,000 feet of film. The movie was based on one of J.N.Tait Theatrical company’s plays, and was made so that they could reach audiences that lived in the country and interstate. And guess where it was filmed? In Heidelberg, Victoria.
The movie had it’s first screening on the Footscray oval in early Decemeber 06′, and had it’s premiere at Footscay’s Royal Hall. It’s first public screening was on the afternoon of December the 26th at the Athenaeum Theater. The movie went around Australia for 20 years, and was also shown in New Zealand and the UK. It apprently made a huge profit to all that backed it.
So, we are approaching the 100th anniversary of Melbourne – and the world’s first feature film. However, unfortunetly, the original movie has been lost over the years. All we have left is 18 minutes of random projections. If you live in Canberra, they are celebrating the 100th anniversay by screening these clips on the 30th of November @ 8.30 at the National Film and Sound Archives, in it’s new digitally remastered form.
This gets me thinkin’ – not only did Melbourne bring to the world the first feature length movie – but it also seems to have started the trend of opening movies on boxing day? We are smart us Melbournians!

Thanks to this website for the info –

The Blues win…”Dancing with the Stars”?

kouta.jpgIn another act of sporting irony for the Carlton Blues, Anthony Koutoufides has won “Dancing with the Stars“. “Dancing with the Stars” consistently appears at the top of the ratings in both the U.S. and Australia. I really don’t understand the appeal of this show but then again I’m a guy.
Seems that Carlton players can win everything but the Grand Final. They nailed down the wooden spoon and Fev won the Coleman Medal , Grand Final fastest sprint, and a fight with an Irish bartender. Carlton’s new slogan for 2007, “We may not play footy well but we sure can dance”
Feel free to add any slogans you come up with in the comments. Go the Blues!

Koutoufides takes out dancing title

Picture via Yahoo!

Good times isn’t for everyone

It is depressing to know that, even though Melbourne and Victoria in general, seems to be doing well economically, there are companies in trouble. The latest in the news, has been the company Ajax Engineered Fasteners. About 200 employees have been stood down since yesterday. They are currently in protest, having a stand in or sit in (depending on how you see it), at their factory in Braeside, fighting for their entitlements.

And because most companies operate on a just-in-time policy, stoppage at the factory will affect subsequent manufacturers such as Holden and Ford manufacturing plants. It is difficult to understand how a company who supplies large manufacturing companies could be in such dire straits unless there were some severe mismanagement but that is just my conjecture.

Article from the Herald Sun

Article from the Age

Melbourne Weekender

melbweekender.jpgJust wanted to give a big shoutout to the Melbourne Weekender website. Melbourne Weekender is the television show that airs on Saturdays which highlights all the cool things going on in the city. I think of them as paid, professional, video Melbourne Metrobloggers and we often talk about the same things. You can watch the entire show on their website and the site has some good recommendations of unique Melbourne things to do.

Melbourne Weekender

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