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Your city has been invaded

2006_09240034.jpg Until a couple of days ago I had some photos stored away that i did not fully understand. As you can see here, this is a mosaic design based on Space Invaders placed on the bridge next to flinders st station. There is this one on the Fed Square side and there is another on the Southbank/Arts Centre side. There is also another in Carlton.

What makes this cooler than its appearance alone is that this is the work of one man, Invader. Over 35 cities world wide have been invaded. Check out his website here for a full listing of cities as well as some awesome kit for sale here.

Apparently there are more than the 3 I have mentioned. Has anyone else seen any in their travels?

Melbourne Police Round-up

  1. I saw police riding horses instead of walking.
  2. I saw police in their cars instead of walking.
  3. The only time I saw police walking is – booking a speeding driver – that requires them to get off the car, and walk towards the car which sped, issue the ticket then jump back to the police car.
  4. Three of my friends’ place got burglared within 3 months in Carlton, and not to mention that I don’t know a zillion people living in Carlton.
  5. I found police in Drummond Street Station not very friendly.
  6. My friend told me she got interrogated by the police in Drummond Street Station about her Islamic last name when she’s the victim of a burglar.

What does that tell ya about our police?

Cheap bananas

Brian-banana-dance.gifBananas are finally cheap(er). The days of $13/kg for bananas are gone. Safeway has bananas for $6.94/kg (a nice even number) which means most markets will have it for cheaper than that.


Last Sunday, I was at my first ever U2 concert, which might supposedly be the last U2 concert in Australia. It was a blast. So much energy, and just pure embracing the sound of U2; Bono and the rest were a riot.

Support World AIDS Day

Making poverty history is important, as is the fight against AIDS. Which is why the (PRODUCT) RED seems really interesting. Red iPod Nano’s, a red Amex, a red Motorola phone (something I might consider, even though I’m really after the gold D&G one).

In Australia, sadly, they’re still waiting for approval of some sort, so we won’t be seeing the special red Nano anytime soon. I called Apple to see if we’ll even get it before Christmas, and they’re doubting that.

However, today on the Apple Store, I see that on the 1st of December, they’re going to have a special sale. And its themed around it being red. I think we’ll be able to grab a red iPod Nano now!

P/S: 1 December is World AIDS Day.

Bracksy stays our premier.

bracks.jpg (Photo taken from –
Well, he’s done it again folks. Bracks has won yet another state election and will be our premier for another 4 years.
I’m not into politics, so all the stuff about seats and stuff really goes over my head, but according to the Herald Sun this morning, Labor holds 49 seats and Liberal 20 in the lower house.
His opponent, Ted Baillieu (who I’m glad is fully clothed today – the footage and photos in a speedo turned me off food for quite a few hours) says he will be running against Bracks in 2010.
All I can say is voting yesterday as an absentee voter is tops! You just walk straight in, show them your stuff, fill out your ballot paper and you’re in and our in about 5 – no waiting round’ at all for me!

Spring Harvest Picnic

The Age Spring Harvest Picnic is on at the Werribee Park tomorrow. It should be fun and relaxing after a day of vote counting. I like the idea of being able to walk around the park and enjoy some fresh harvest of the season.

On their website, there is a huge list of exhibitors as well as the schedule of entertainment and cooking demonstrations. So, if you are looking for something to do to recover or for a relaxing day out, Werribee might just be the place for you and your family.

just a wii 11 days to go…

codwii22.jpgFor all of those gamers out there I am sure you are fully aware that come December 7 its time to take any free standing valuable items out of the living room. For all of you non gamers, you won’t be seeing your gamer friends until well after new years. Nintendo’s Wii is about to hit Australian shelves.

I was silly enough to have a go on one set up in Myer at Chadstone on Tuesday night and now I really, really want one. Have a look at this guy. I want to be that cool. Seriously though, I played a game of tennis and the accuracy and depth to the game that is added from the new controller system is amazing. I watched parents that claimed never to have played a console have a go and were smashing aces in minutes.

Has anyone got a good deal on a pre-order? Is anyone camping out?

Welcoming ReelTime: TV over the Internet!

TV over the Internet is here! Checkout ReelTime. They’ve beat the iTunes Music Store in rolling out television and movies here in the Australian market it would seem.

As we all know, we Down Under are given misery by download quotas. ReelTime figured the workaround was to get ISP partners: any movies downloaded off ReelTime are not covered to your download quota! Who knew, that anyone that peered with PIPE Networks would also be fine?

Yes, that means you can go to the State Library on Swanston St, suck up their free wireless, and download movies. However, its not something I’m willing to bet my dollars on – their FAQ mentions MPEG based movies, but other bits suggest they’re using Windows Media Player. The do mention Linux and OS X, however mention the use of virtualization. Not an ideal solution.

And then there’s the idea of DRM. TV movies from $3, new release DVD’s from $6, and so on (read: costs). DRM means you can’t share movies with friends. Sure there might be workarounds, and this is clearly a step to putting businesses like Blockbuster video out of business, but I’m just going to stick to my Quickflix subscription for a while yet. Besides, my ISP isn’t peered!

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Red Rooster to serve halal meat

Red Rooster has been chided for providing halal meat. I didn’t see the problem in saying a prayer before slaughtering the chicken, but now, I’m thinking twice.

Via Wikipedia:

It involves severing the major arteries in the neck of the animal, as well as the esophagus and trachea with one swipe of a nonserrated blade.

So apparently, our animals are regularly stunned before slaughter. Doing it the halal way avoids the stunning. Which is more cruel?

All I can say is that the thought of this makes me want to become vegetarian. What do the rest of you think: is the halal slaughter better or worse than the regular slaughter?

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Rooftop viewing

rooftop.jpgI love rooftops, think it heralds back to my days overseas…..nothing gets me more today than sneaking a glance at Melbourne’s pretty little skyline when I’m making my way across the Westgate…….

I also love film, tho I’ve been told my taste is kinda eclectic…….

So, I was most excited to hear that Rooftop Cinema is now a reality……yay!

This is a project I’ve been following for awhile now, from December 12 the roof of Curtin House – home to a few of Melbourne’s gems – Rooftop will be showing a stellar collection of films under the stars.

Grant Amon is doing the fitout and if you know the work – it’s going to look pretty slick. It’s been rumoured that the whole roof will be carpeted with smart grass and lined with hundreds of stripy deck chairs. Very cool.

The kids from Cookie downstairs will be watering and feeding the masses with their delicious cocktails and moorish food.

need i say more?

pure bliss

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