On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…….

eckersleys-logo.gifI always find it a little hard to figure out the best gifts to give kids – be they big or little. A little friend of mine is growing up now and her growing obsession with all things plastic is starting to bother me a little. Partly because of the plastic but also the access packaging and the actual objects themselves.

Does anyone else find it disturbing that Bratz dolls have detachable feet? at the ankles, so you can change them with other “feet” with different “shoes” moulded into the plastic. Yeah, yeah – Barbie wasn’t anatomically correct….but really, detachable feet?

After a few years of Polly Pocket and Bratz, I’ve stumbled upon a new gift giving mode.

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When I was little, perhaps it was just the done thing, we were given “activity” gifts. Science based, art based, craft based project type packs. Rainy weather stuff – or actually just for the hell of it.

Educational I know, but it was really quite fun.

Little Miss has a flair for creating.

paints.jpgSo Eckersleys has become my one stop shop for her pressies. They have pretty much anything you need to tap into the right brain. Paints, surfaces, craft products, model making, print making, technical tools for aspiring graphic designers, books.

This year I’m thinking of putting together a painting set – complete with easel and canvasses….they have a good deals in store.

Do you think getting a mini beret and painters smock (designer hot pink, of course) is going too far?


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