Yearly Wrapup: July 2006

yearlywrapup.jpgOver the next twelve days, we will revisit some of the posts from the past year.

Colin made good use of his ears and dishes the dirt on the customs in Australia. Good advice for me, as i return to Melbourne in a few days’ time. Only worry now i have is – what kind of alcohol beverage should i buy? :O Hmmmm decisions decisions…

Here in Melbourne, we are so unique in our own funny way. While the Sydneysiders fret over racial tensions and are divided by racial and ethnic hatred, Melburnians are divided by the Yarra River. As for me, i live in Brunswick, so that makes me north of the river. However, due to my friends and weekend biking trips, i do make trips to the south of the river rather often.

But yeah, Sydneysiders sure are weird! :O

First we had dodgy customs at the airport, now squirt reckons parking at the Melbourne Airport’s a rip off. At $15 for 2 hours, i’d say, “Hell yeah!”

2006 also saw the opening of Dungeon Crawl, a funky and reclusive video game shop that specialises in rare games, good prices and personable service. Very unlike a major video gaming chain that we all know about…*cough* E *cough* B *cough*…

Dungeon Crawl – have you been there?

In a move that’s has traces of the riduculously strict Singapore government, the Victorian government imposes a complete ban of photo-taking, claiming it’s an attempt to beef up security in the prime area. Bollocks i say. Mate, if i wana blow up a building, i’ll strap bombs to myself and walk into it. No need to advanced photo-taking preparation.

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