Yearly Wrapup: August 2006

yearlywrapup.jpgOver the next twelve days, we will revisit some of the posts from the past year.

Colin laments on the lack of interesting bar activities on a weeknight. Melbourne, boring? Fair dinkum, mate!

I stayed up for 10 hours through the night for a good cause. Go homeless people!

Things that look out of place, do look out of place. Check out this balloon faux pas. Glad no one was hurt.

For all of John So’s popularity, i still cringe and experience major bouts of Asian embarrassment whenever the Lord Mayour speaks. We can wax all the lyrical we’d want about him, but the truth still rings true – John So still can’t manage an intelligible sentence in English without you straining to pick out his wacky enunciation.

Read above. Nuff said.

Hundreds of cab drivers of mainly Indian descent congregrated at the steps of Parliament this very night to silently protest against the lack of safety implements in cabs.

Unless you’re incredibly well-off, every Melburnian would have once boarded a cab. These are hardworking folks who shuttle the rudes, the arrogants, the drunks, the maniacs and even the ‘runners’, so to put up with unaggravated physical attacks is more than what they can take.

If you’re reading this, i urge you to pay for your cab ride, be nice to the driver, smile, and manage a ‘thank you’ when you alight. It isn’t much, but it’s the little bits that count.

Gota say, Melbourne has got to give herself more credit sometimes. This city is far nicer than many think. Bar a few dingbats, Melbourne is a wonderful city with polite and friendly people.

Neomien and i get into a passively heated exchange (?!) over the authenticity of her claims that some Anglo Australians have Asian blood in them. C’mon Neomien, who you kidding?

Only in Melbourne can you witness a lively banter of a 100+ footy book with foreplay, romance and handball.

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