Yearly Wrapup – October

yearlywrapup.jpgOver the next twelve days, we
will revisit some of the posts from the past year.

How unaustralian! Viewers of the game show Temptation and non-viewers alike were horrified when contestant Lainie showed her true colours during the fast money segment of the show. Realizing that her chances of winning were shot – she was at $25 and the other two were at $65 – she decided to continue “buzzing in” after Charles reached $80…..preventing Harry from making ground. Lainie also admitted that she liked Charles better than Harry and that she didn’t actually know the answers…….wonder who got a lump o coal for Chrissie?

Neil reported on the outrageous claims of the banning of our beloved concentrated yeast extract spread – Vegemite…..truly a national gastronomic icon. Equated in the media with Enemy #1 Osama – as a dig at the yanks (sorry guys), this story also blew the lid on cronyism in the media….life’s hard in a petrie dish like Geelong. Something tells me it was a slow news week.

Lil Audrey, Melbourne’s beloved Skipping Girl Vinegar neon sign has been saved with a makeover and heritage listing – noice! She also hit a major milestone as Metroblogging’s 50,000th post. Metroblogging has over 700 bloggers contributing to 51 cities…..congrats to all for their great work!

Newbie Ben, he of the Movember fame, broke his MB cherry with a call for Melbourne’s best Trivia nights with a side of Parma and a pot of course……

The daily commute can be pretty dour, Janice shared a special experience with a singing tram driver…..according to our readers it’s not such a rare experience, the trams are peppered with comedic warbling tram drivers – entertainment enroute – priceless!

Our Melbourne MB lads had a moment discussing their members…..all courtesy of adrock2xander…..who else?

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  1. adrock2xander (unregistered) on December 29th, 2006 @ 3:36 pm

    LOL damn i’m gaining some kind of notereity here…

  2. neomien (unregistered) on December 30th, 2006 @ 11:37 am

    you’re certainly not a shrinking wall flower….hahah!

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