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Observing the flock…

It looks really interesting when you see that most of the people leave Flagstaff Garden all at the same time around ten to two – Lunch time is over! It’s such a big difference between before and after!

I bet this happens some other places in the city too. The forecourt of State Library perhaps?

Do you often see this happen but never realise how interesting they look? Maybe you need a real break and get out of the routine.

Beautiful Picture of Comet McNaught


We have had a tonne of traffic come in looking for Comet McNaught so I thought another post would not hurt. This picture was taken over Big Swamp, South Australia by John White Photos.

Comet McNaught should be visible until February 9th. Go out around 9:30 PM, and look towards the southwest.

Flickr: McNaughts Comet Eyre Peninsula South Australia [via Digg]

Comet McNaught

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Martial Arts in Melbourne


i’d like to ask all martial arts practioners out there, regardless of your skill level, where exactly do you train.

the problem with asking such a question is that sometimes the conversation shifts towards which martial art is better, or why certain styles of a particular martial art might be “incorrect”.

but i truely believe, its not the martial art. its the martial artist that makes the difference.

i myself have been doing wing chun for 2 years now (1 year at 2 different clubs), with no prior martial arts experience. i started when i first came to melbourne. and just within wing chun itself there’s so much variations and styles. its almost inevitable that certain people feel that their own style represents “true” wing chun.

i will avoid that entire debate by just simply asking all your melbournians out there, where you train, what you train, and why do you train at THAT place. (however i do want to mention that i spent 1 year at a certain club which i now know for certain to be a complete and utter fraud and waste of time. so do be a little cautious of where you go!)

i will start the ball rolling by telling you of the place i train at, the Melbourne Chinese Martial Arts Club. i’m doing wing chun there under sifu David Peterson. why do i go there? well for 1 thing, david peterson is the genuine article. he is an official student of Wong Shun Leung, who was, and still is, a very well respected wing chun sifu in hong kong.

but lineage aside, he is one of the most friendly, approachable and down to earth martial arts teachers you will ever meet. always approachable and answers any question, no matter how dumb ( and believe me some people can ask the dumbest questions when it comes to fighting ). he never puts you down. always eager to teach and repeat himself, even if he JUST explained an entire concept to someone else. he’s dedicated and self sacrificing, and he comes down himself to EVERY training. so you actually train with him, not one of his instructors (although he does have an instructor there to help with the class). and he doesn’t believe in charging exuberrant rates for training.

for caucasions, he’s one of you guys! for asians, he can speak chinese and cantonese (his day job is a chinese teacher at a high school).

i promise you i’m not getting commission for this. when you meet him, he’ll instantly gain your respect.

so tell me, where do you guys get your fight club on?

Satellite Map pictures from Australia Day

highresduckMicrosoft put up some of the high res pictures taken from their Look Up and Smile campaign on their website today. I’m not sure when they plan to integrate them into their maps but people not familiar with Melbourne are certainly
going to be confused when they see thousands of rubber ducks floating down the Yarra river.

Google tried to outshine Microsoft by quickly organizing a similar event in Sydney but were unable to fly their airplane in the alloted times. This has left quite a few people upset and even a marriage broken up.

Look Up and Smile Photos

No-fly zone spoils Google’s big day out

Be part of a satellite map

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Weekly Greenhouse Indicator

We have a daily water capacity indicator, so why not a weekly greenhouse indicator?

In collaboration with the Climate Group, the Age publishes the greenhouse indicator every Monday. It gives some information on the amount of greenhouse gases produced each week in Victoria from energy use.

Useless? But good to know!

Home Exchange

camerondiazThe Holiday, is a romantic comedy (chick flick), where two women exchange homes to live in for a certain amount of time. Most people would have thought that any such idea would never work in reality. I mean, do you really want strangers lurking around in your house?

HomeExchange is a very active website, listing a number of properties where you can trade homes for as little as a weekend or as long as a year. Browsing through the Melbourne listings, I can see that there are some spectacular places listed.

More after the jump…

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“A recycled water 6-pack mate, thanks.”

recycled water

Kudos to Queensland Premier Peter Beattie. He’s got the smarts and foresight to see Queenslanders drinking and using recycled water.

Now if only Victoria Premier Steve Bracks had lunch with Mr Beattie, or is even remotely concerned about the future of this parched state.

Honestly, what’s not to like about recycled water? Singapore has been drinking and using recycled water for many years now. Bottled recycled water (called NEWater) is still not common but they are drinkable, and i remember citizens showing their displeasure at consuming ‘shit’ water when the plan was introduced. Fast forward 6 years and these days noone bats an eyelid.

Big Day Out – out today!

BDO.jpg (Taken from –

Well folks, as I write this one of Australia’s biggest music festivals is under way – the Big Day Out has been rockin’ out since 11am this morning at Princess Park. Line-up includes – Tool, Muse, Violet Femmes, local boys Jet, The Killer, My Chemical Romance, The Streets, and Peaches (who I saw at the 04′ BDO and was AWESOME!)
I’m not there this year cos’ no one really interested me (except for maybe Violet Femmes & Peaches)
Anyone go this year?

Five more Freebies for Friday

free.gifHere are some more freebies to keep ya going.

Anyone who sings an Australian song or the Australian anthem in store on January 26 will receive a free green and gold sprinkled  KK doughnut.
Krispy Kreme
(I can not confirm this so there is a possibility of making an ass of yourself)

Free fridge magnet

POOch Pouch (Vic Only)

Free Wax strips

Free DVD from Breezair

Thanks to the Freebies Blog and to the Whirlpool Freebies thread

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Today is Australia Day Post #2

Proudly Unaustralian!

A beautiful day, with a majority of Australians, mostly of non-Anglo decent, not giving a hoot about this public holiday.

Just another chance to get immensely wasted.

For some others, it’s a day to remember the pillages, rapes, and desecration of the proud Aboriginals, who are indeed the real Australians.

Remember to gently remind Anglo Australians of that fact when they tell off any non-Anglos to “get out of my country”.

Amen to Australia Day.

Fair go? Not likely, mate.

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