The customer is always wrong…

For those of you that deal with customers (mainly I think those of us who work in hospitality and retail) will not find it very surprising to hear the findings from a team of Sydney academics. Apparently customer rage is getting worse and worse and staff aren’t to blame! It depends on the persons personality trait on how easily it is for their temper to flare up.
The study has interviewed 50 people – both customers and staff, and have found that people are more likely to get angry after they have felt disrespected on a number of occasions. So, I guess all the horrible customers I get may not just be horrible people, but horrible people that have been treated badly!
Here are some of the incidences, that I got from the Age website that highlights some very bad customer rage –

■A man who was not allowed to return an unused can of paint drilled a hole in it and carried it dripping around the store.

■A woman who wanted to swap baby formula at a chemist became angry, returning later to spray the formula over staff.

■A man, told his electricity would be disconnected when his bill was eight weeks late, threatened to blow up the power company’s headquarters.

■A woman whose light mocha was not stirred properly poured it on the counter.

The full findings of the survey are to be released in 2008.

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  1. iceCube (unregistered) on January 4th, 2007 @ 10:20 pm

    A woman once threw a wrapped up Subway sandwich on the floor behind the counter saying the price was too high. I wasn’t serving so not sure if she was misquoted. But the price is usually displayed on the menu…

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