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Today is Australia Day Post #1

Australian Flag

A beautiful day, with temperatures expected to reach a top of 26 degrees.

26 degrees on the 26th of January.

Can’t be more Australian than Australian Day no?

“Game, set, match. Pervert wins, 3 upskirt shots to 0 arrests”

tinycamera It’s Perv Central these days at the Australian Open, as authorities struggle with the deluge of mass perverts stalking unsuspecting women. It’s become increasingly easier for men to get their rocks off, what with cameras becoming smaller. (left)

I don’t know about you, but if you catch three perverts in a week, surely they must have been doing this for awhile? And i’ll bet you that the same blokes were walking around the streets of Melbourne as well, looking up skirts freely.

My take? Wear jeans, keep the pantyhoses on and keep your legs shut.

Image by Glenn Barnes of Herald Sun

Filter Reflection of Melbourne Central Shot Tower

A great picture by our friend Edouard.

The cliché shot of the Shot Tower in Melbourne Central with a little bit of a twist. The reflection in my polariser filter upwards whilst sitting waiting for a friend.

thefotokid : filter reflection

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It’s Cate again!

The Oscar Nomination List is Out:

Melburnian Cate Blanchett is once again nominated for an Oscar in the category of Supporting Actress for her performance in Notes on a Scandal, after winning the Oscar in the same category for her performance in Aviator few years ago.

Now I haven’t watched Notes on a Scandal yet – any comments?

Go Cate!!!

Be part of a satellite map

lookupsmile.jpgMicrosoft, in association with their maps website will be running their Look Up and Smile promotion on Australia Day. Low flying planes and satellites armed with cameras will be flying over various capitol cities taking aerial pictures. Supposedly the quality should be enough to capture people’s faces. Google is running a similar campaign on Australia Day but they are only covering the Sydney Harbour area.

Look Up and Smile with be tied in with the annual duck race, which starts at 12:45PM on the Yarra River (between the Engineers Lawn and the boatsheds). On Australia Day, look up and smile (or shamelessly put an ad on top of your head).

Lookup and Smile: Map of Events in Melbourne
Google Maps: Australia Day Event

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Shop for the drought

Today is Woolworths and Safeway National Drought Action Day. Therefore, any shopping conducted in either a Woolworths or Safeway supermarket today, the profits will be donated to farming families. The company hopes to donate at least $3 million which will go towards providing immediate support for families’ household needs, including paying utility bills, buying groceries and buying fuel.

So, if you are in need of something today, walk into a Safeway or a Woolworth!

Another day, another fatality

damiancooper.jpgThe TAC fatality statistics for 2006 were celebrated as it went down to 336. Sure the numbers look good but you don’t really stop and think of the families, friends, colleagues, and even the towns that are affected by road fatalities. Over the weekend, 26-year-old Damian Cooper, a chef at Pugg Mahones, was run down and died on the corner of Lygon and Elgin St., Carlton. The guy ran him over, drove away and dumped the car, only to be found the next day by police.

As a place that some of our authors walk by on a regular basis (including myself), it makes you stop and think about road safety. The smartest thing I heard coming from this story was from the father who emphasized the importance of people to take video or pictures of reckless driving. The hoon law has worked fairly well but its really up to individuals to keep the road safer.

Hopefully, the guy who ran Damian Cooper over is put in jail for a long time or at least ban him from ever touching a car.

Man charged over fatal hit-run
TAC 2006 Statistics

Picture via The Herald Sun

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Oh boohoohoo, Melbourne’s train system again?

Connex logo My faith in the archaic Melbourne train system has never been deep; indeed it looked at times i’d rather take the incredibly expensive cab than a less than reliable train network and system.

Everyone has had their hits and misses with the train system. One time last year, i remember boarding a train that definitely indicated a stop at Canterbury (Lilydale/Belgrave line). I was on my way there to visit a mate of mine. Turns out, the train decided to pull a fast one, ran express and gave Canterbury a miss. I was miffed. I remember some time later that week, i swore never to take the trains again, unless i absolutely have to. Damn, even them smelly trams are more reliable.

So imagine the extent of my wry smile while reading this article on the Sunday papers over breakfast this morning.


A word that will live in infamy.

NightRider’s free this month

It seems like Metcard prices aren’t going up this year. Thats always nice to know. Those living in Zone 3 areas, will be pleased to know they’re being upgraded to a Zone 2 status, and if you’ve got tickets, use them up by 3 March 2007 or else…

All January, the NightRider is also free. Leave your cars at home, go out, get on the NightRider, and before your destination, make a courtesy call to a taxi driver. How much more fun can you have.

Today’s a Saturday, what more are you waiting for?

Half Price Tim Tams at Coles

timtam.jpgI have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like Tim Tams. OzBargainBlog, a terrific site at picking up bargains, points out that Tim Tams at Coles are more than 50% off this week at $1.37. In contrast, Safeway is selling them for $2.98. Grab em quick because the sale ends tomorrow.

Tim Tam 200g for $1.37 Each in Coles

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