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Last night for the Night Market at Queen Vic Market

nightmarketCan’t be bothered cooking tonight or just looking for something different to eat? After 2 months, the Suzuki Night Market at Queen Victoria Market is closing tonight. There is free entertainment, wine, and of course a wide selection of food.

Tonight’s music lineup sound pretty interesting:

‘Super Afro Mandinko’ – funky 9 piece electric Afro-fusion band…

‘African Drummers’ – experience the splendour of the music from the courts of Ghana, West Africa and traditional percussion, song and dance…

Suzuki Night Market
Queen Victoria Market
5:30PM-10PM Tonight

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CSI Prahran

ncis%20prahran.jpgThe Windsor end of Prahran isn’t exactly Trak Village.

Though the creeping signs of gentrification have well and truly begun; with local designer boutiques popping up, the side walks littered with outdoor tables for a bit of fine dining (okay, Mullata IS really the only place one would care to sup at) and reclaimed furniture/ephemera stores galore (Tarlow & Graham is a fav – love those window displays).

During a mini catch up with a friend of a friend, a few eyebrows were raised as we watched a police car narrowly miss colliding into oncoming traffic only to burn down a side street; from where I was sitting I watched a man climb over the fence of a partially gutted building and stroll down the street only to be followed a few minutes on the road by another cop car and a divvy van – interesting.

An ambulance then sped down Chapel street, and the cop cars returned with a man in the car and someone locked in the divvy van (we watched the driver jump out of the car and have a chat with his cargo).

Hit and Run was whispered amongst the tables. Oh….

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Crystal perfect…

Went to see Billy Crystal on Sunday – was absolutely awesome! 700 Sundays is direct from Broadway (they asked Crystal where he wanted to take the show – he could have gone anywhere – but he chose Australia because he loved his visit in 94′) and it deals with the death of his father when Crystal was 15. It’s title came from the amount of Sundays (the day his father had off to hang out with him and his older brothers) Crystal worked out he had with his father.
The first half is VERY funny with Crystal describing the attributes of his eccentric Jewish family. The second deals with how his father died, and the burden he had to carry around with him afterwards.
The thing that was so extrodinary was Crystal was up there by himself for 2hrs and 40 mins (with a 20mins intermissing between) with only the outside of a house as a backdrop (he showed pictures of his family on the houses windows) – and he made everyone tear up one minute, and pissing themselves laughing the next. AND I wasn’t bored or distracted once – and it takes a bit to hold my attention folks!
He plays at the State Theatre till the 4th of March. Go to for details!

Lets do the rain dance!

While the politicians argue among themselves about what they plan to do with regards to the shortage of water in many of the states, the rest of us are busy attempting to conserve this diminishing resource. While we save and reduce our water consumption, our water storage capacity is currently sitting at 34%, according to Melbourne Water. At this rate, we will be having stage 4 water restriction in a couple of months, if we don’t receive at least a week of rain in our catchment area.

I wish more can be done, such as increasing our use of recycled water, or a better water management system. I suggest we all do the rain dance, without any intervention from our politicians. I like to lock them all in a room, without food and water, until they stop talking and doing something.

So, shall we dance? Or shall we all migrate to Darwin?

A Taxi Drivers Life

melbtaxiTaxi drivers have been in the news over the past year mostly involving various attacks against them. Mike Edmonds, a reporter for the Herald Sun, wrote an insightful article over the weekend where he took on the job as a taxi driver for a few days.

On a quiet night, Mike ended up making an hourly wage of $5/hour and on his best night $15/hour. Typical shifts usually end up being 12 hours and add that to
the fact that drivers have to deal with drunk idiots every day and this job is downright depressing.

They had their hands on the door handles when I noticed the weaving male bogan had a half-full bottle in his hand.

The foot flat to the floor to leave them in a cloud of dust was an almost instinctive reaction, but I could see two of them in the mirror as they hurled their grog bottles at my cab.

Although I despise the tipping system, these guys will definitely be getting a tip from now on.

Rank amateur goes boogie in the night

Picture via The Herald Sun

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A ‘pondful’ of water!

While everyone gets hot and heavy over missing ducks, dried up ponds, grammatical mistakes and high school english, guess what i saw in Carlton Gardens on Sunday?

Yup, a pond. Complete with water and ducks.

It’s hard to find a little oasis of water and animal life these days. The pond in Calton Gardens bucks the trend. Has anyone else seen anything similar in and around Melbourne?

Adventure Travel & Backpackers Expo ’07

Anyone out there big fans of travelling? I can’t help but pass a snide remark at Australians’ remarkable affinity for this massive island; many of them have never been out of Down Under and don’t even own a passport. If you – a passportless Australian – are reading this now, perhaps it’s time to apply for a passport as the world is massive and the Adventure Travel & Backpackers Expo is going on right now!

Haha, jokes aside, i was out in Carlton Gardens with my partner this arvo when i chanced up this massive banner hanging from the Exhibition Building.

I don’t consider myself as a widely travelled person, and honestly i was hot and flustered from the heat and needed a cold beer. But $5 for the admission fee? That’s a bargain. The both of us ended up spending the day getting lost in the crowd and exhibits.

Whats Happening this Weekend?

f1Here’s some highlights of what’s happening this weekend:


F1 Family Experience

Federation Square

A bunch of F1 stuff to play with for kids and adults who want to be kids.


Collingwood vs Kangaroos

Channel 7, 8:30PM

The day has come and footy is back. Well, its only preseason but hell its still footy.

Saturday & Sunday

St. Jeromes Laneway Festival

Caledonian Lane, Lounge and St Jeromes

Lots of music in a little area.


Carlton vs. Essendon

6PM, Telstra Dome

Last time they played, they managed to tie.


Antenna UK 04

ACMI, 6:45 PM

A showcase of some the recent best music videos directed by poms

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Some crazy Neighbours videos

haroldLove it or hate it, Neighbours is a huge part of Melbourne that brings in thousands of English tourists throughout the year to visit the set. There’s also a sizable amount of Aussies who can remember Toadie when he first went to school, Charlene (Kylie
Minogue), and the always bizarre Harold. Youtube has a vast amount of clips from the show and I have chosen a couple of bizarre ones after the jump.

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St Jeromes Laneway Festival

It’s on again, courtesy of our own alley phenomenon St. Jeromes.

It’s hard to believe you get to see the best indie line up in the world playing in usually derelict laneways and thoroughfares – it’s absurd and only for the creative of mind and those that seek out something far removed from the typical festival experience… It makes us laugh, but boy is it cool to see this event unfold and even better to watch how much fun people have, tucked away in an inner city laneway, having a few cocktails while hanging with mates and watching a truly special line up!

st jerome’s

Tkts are only available for Sunday…..check out the lineup and get in quick….

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival
MOSHTIX (03) 9017 1125, or from all MOSHTIX friendly outlets Polyester, St Jeromes and all the Fat Stores.
$72.50 + booking fee

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