A Taxi Drivers Life

melbtaxiTaxi drivers have been in the news over the past year mostly involving various attacks against them. Mike Edmonds, a reporter for the Herald Sun, wrote an insightful article over the weekend where he took on the job as a taxi driver for a few days.

On a quiet night, Mike ended up making an hourly wage of $5/hour and on his best night $15/hour. Typical shifts usually end up being 12 hours and add that to
the fact that drivers have to deal with drunk idiots every day and this job is downright depressing.

They had their hands on the door handles when I noticed the weaving male bogan had a half-full bottle in his hand.

The foot flat to the floor to leave them in a cloud of dust was an almost instinctive reaction, but I could see two of them in the mirror as they hurled their grog bottles at my cab.

Although I despise the tipping system, these guys will definitely be getting a tip from now on.

Rank amateur goes boogie in the night

Picture via The Herald Sun

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