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Best of British-directed music videos

This Sunday, February 25th, at 6.45pm, the British Council of Australia in association with ACMI present “Antenna UK 04”, which is essentially a showcase of some the recent best music videos directed by poms.

It sounds kinda like an indie-fest: there will be videos of Death Cab For Cutie, Zero 7 & Badly Drawn Boy, among others. But it’ll be GREAT!

There’s also going to be a Q&A with Joji Koyama (animator & director) & Alex Maclean (creative director of Airside).

The best part is that it’s FREE, but you’ll need to rsvp to

Thanks to for the heads up!

Google Earth adds detailed roads for Australia

googleearthaustraliaIt was just a matter of time for Google Earth to follow suit from its sister product Google Maps and add detailed road maps for Australia. Search for business names has also been activated although sorting by category names is not yet available. Google just has to enable its other layers (such as Dining,
Lodging, Shopping) and we will be caught up with the rest of the world.

They have also turned on the transportation layer which looks very neat with everything else turned off. In addition, it looks like they have added a couple of 3D buildings by default, that people have created using Google Sketchup. You can download and add some other 3D buildings from their 3DWarehouse including
Melbourne Central and the Rialto Towers.

Australia Has Detailed Roads in Google Earth

Google Earth

tramtrainsgoogleearth 3dbuildingmelbourne

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Massive clothing swap at the Melbourne Musuem

In association with the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne Museum presents “My Sister’s Wardrobe”.

It’s a clothing swap on a huge scale — participants are encouraged to bring up to 6 pieces of high quality clothing. When they are donated to the pool, you will receive as many tokens as pieces of clothing you submitted. Then you can essentially “go shopping”, & choose as many other pieces as your tokens will allow.

I think this is going to be incredible, & it’s a piddly $6! There is more information about it here & you need to book your place asap to avoid disappointment! Call 13-11-02 to reserve your place.

Brunetti to be evicted

brunettiWhen people come for a night out in Carlton, it usually involves Italian food, coffee, and dessert. One of Melbourne’s most famous coffee and dessert venues, Brunetti, is being evicted as just another sign that the rental market is out of control.

According to The
, Brunetti is paying $440,000 to rent 5 shopfronts where an evaluation has said rent should be in the ballpark of $184,000. The owner of the buildings, Pauline Halperin, has asked for an increase in rent for another $100,000 plus a fee of $400,000 for renovation work completed a couple of years ago. Brunetti is fighting the demands but it really is a lost cause as renters are at the mercy of landlords. I’m sure many people can attest to similar situations as I know I can. Hopefully, the legendary
business will be bailed out just like the Carlton Blues were last month by Richard Pratt.

Eviction and legal fight loom for Carlton cake and coffee institution


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TropFest ’07

After spending a week at home nursing one of those nasty summer viruses, i’m back in the streets, living it up like the poor church mouse down the street.

Was anyone at TropFest last night? I got to say, the 16 finalists were all outstanding in their own rights. Every genre was presented in a remarkable short film format. You name it they had it. From the funny (‘Pig Latin’), the artistic (‘Still’), the weird (‘Fore!’) to the ridiculous (‘Bad Yoghurt’). Props to ‘Bad Yoghurt’ in particular; i’ve not seen anything so whackily left-field for awhile.

The one man Victory

Feb18 026I was one of the 55,436 fans who packed the Telstra Dome last night to see Melbourne play Adelaide. After about 40 minutes everyone could see that this was Melbourne/Archie’s game. I’m no soccer expert so I’ll leave that to The Age but here are some observations about the game.

  • Worldwide, soccer fans tend to be the rowdiest. The crowd at the Grand Final was very well behaved and the Telstra Dome had more than enough security and police to control the crowds.
  • What are you doing with the roof? At the start it was half open. It then rained. They closed one half, then opened up the other half where it poured down with rain and saturated the crowd at the corners of the stadium. Finally, they close the roof but now it is humid inside. At the end, the entire roof was open.
  • Flares. Soccer seems to be the only sport where fans set off flares. Setting off a flare inside a stadium with a closed roof is usually not a good idea.
  • John Howard gets booed and the CEO of Hyundai gets cheers? Whats that all about?
  • Where was John So? Surely he likes soccer?

And now some eye candy…

Feb18 027 Feb18 019 

Some video eye candy after the jump…

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An Early Start to Easter?

When is Easter? I’m quite sure it is in April but I am already finding easter eggs on shelves. We had chocolates for Christmas, Valentine’s chocolate sales is recently over and now the shelves are full of easter eggs!

Do we have an obsession with chocolates?

Street Bands

one thing i really like about melbourne is the amount of musical talent on the streets. just go to Bourke Street just outside myers any day of the week in the afternoon and evening and there’ll bound to be some great music act playing live.

street band

Get healthy and have fun at Sustainable Living Festival!

The sustainable living festival is always one of my most favourite annual event in Melbourne. I went there yesterday and I have had so much fun!

Here’re what you can do in there:

  • try iced chai and stock some in your fridge!
  • don’t like chai? get a cup of fair trade organic coffee
  • have some organic lunch and snack
  • get your kids to learn about recycling, sustainable living, animals, etc.
  • enjoy performance of band, singing group and plays
  • get some tips on redecorating your house in the green way
  • re-hydrate yourself with a free cup of water!
  • walk with the feetbus
  • A very important note: MAKE SURE YOU WEAR ENOUGH SUN SCREEN!

    Venue: Federation Square.
    Date: Closes today!

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    The weekend is here

    ChinatownBesides the fact that it will be terrific weather over the weekend, Melbourne is host to a number of events this weekend.

    Chinese New Year

    Saturday & Sunday



    Dragon parade, Chinese firecrackers, and other festive things.

    Sustainable Living Festival


    Federation Square

    How to live a more environmentally friendly life. celebrateyarra

    Melbourne Victory vs. Adelaide United

    Sunday 6PM
    Telstra Dome or on TV/Pub


    Tickets are sold out unless you buy them off Ebay. I will have some pictures to report on Monday.

    Celebrate Yarra! Festival


    Edinburgh Gardens North Fitzroy


    Music, skating demonstrations and a nice day to sit in the park.

    Sony Tropfest


    Sidney Myer Music Bowl


    Over 150,000 people will come together on Sunday 18th February 2007 to view 16 finalist films, selected from more than 700 entries at venues in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Hobart.

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